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Calmestghost has pointed out (in feedback here) that you can do a search of the “many marvelous images” on this blog via Google. I thought this was so cool that I have set up a button for you on this page. Just click on the image below and you should get at least 522 images!

If you “Show options…” you can narrow the search to line drawing for instance, or faces, black and white images, or just images that are blue. You get the idea: it is a great time-sink.

But NOTE WELL you have to have the Google SafeSearch settings on your computer set to unfiltered (“Do not filter my search results”) to get the images: both “strict filtering” and “moderate filtering” will block all the images to this site, regardless of whether I have tagged them SFW, PSFW or NSFW. Why? Well, as I have had occasion to say before, “Google has decided to become the inescapable and ruthless arbiter of puritanical morality …”

3 Responses to “Search all my Images”

  1. sgordon Says:

    i was looking for a spanish/italian? cosplayer who did a photo spread of her in a witch costume. cant remember the name of the website, but she was in a black velvet dress slit all the way up the side. black heels, hat and fingernails. extremely hot and approx 21 yrs of age. ive looked to find it but am unable. there were about 7 pics in the photoshoot. if you come across it please email me. thanks

  2. redwitch1 Says:

    I think you have in mind one of the Hegre-Art Halloween E-Card shoots, either “Amandine Witch Craft” or “Darine Dark Night”. I did a few posts on these

    You will find others by following up these leads online.

    Good luck!


  3. sgordon Says:

    i appreciate the links you sent but i remember this girl well. she was either italian or spanish and had her own cosplay website. it was not a hegre art or anything like that. it used to come up under a simple search for “sexy witch”. all 6 or 7 pics would show in the search. knowing how extremely difficult it is to get something thats been smeared all over the web to be off the web, it suprises me that i cant locate it again. if i could only remember the name of her personal website. oh well. if you or i come across it, its definately worth a posting.

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