Index: Real Witches

These are all of my posts on real (i.e. practicing) Witches and Wiccans. Individual posts follow index pages:

Maxine Sanders Pages

  • Maxine Sanders
  • My first post explains why Sanders is featured on this blog; it is illustrated with five pictures from the 1969 and 1970. [NSFW]

  • Maxine Sanders, January 1966
  • This post features eleven images of the famous Alderley Edge ritual, which catapulted Sanders to fame. [NSFW]

  • Maxine and Co., again, 1966
  • The twelve photos in this post were taken at a ritual held in Paul King’s flat. [NSFW]

  • Maxine Sanders, Dawn Ritual, 1969
  • The sixteen photos in this post were taken in winter on the Yorkshire Moors. [NSFW]

  • Fire Child by Maxine Sanders, 2008
  • A review of Sanders’ autobiography. [SFW]

    * * * * *

    Janet Owen/Farrar Pages

  • Janet Owen
  • My first post explains why Janet Owen (later Janet Farrar) is featured on this blog; it is illustrated with three pictures from her 1970 initiation of into the Sanders’ coven. [NSFW]

  • Initiation of Janet Owen, 1970
  • This post contains full details, and fifteen pictures, documenting the Owen’s initiation of into the Sanders’ coven. [NSFW]

    * * * * *

    Babetta Pages

  • Babetta
  • My first post explains why Babetta is featured on this blog; it is illustrated with a dozen pictures from a 1974 Penthouse photo shoot. [NSFW]

  • Sexy Witch Video No.2
  • My second Sexy Witch Video, to the tune “Season of the Witch” is introduced with images of Babetta. The video was pulled from YouTube but is still available at this URL on my old Blogger site. [SFW]

    * * * * *

    Marina Baker Pages

  • Marina Baker
  • My first post explains why Baker is featured on this blog; it is illustrated with a dozen pictures from the 1987 Playboy centrefold photo shoot. [NSFW]

  • Marina Baker Again
  • This post features photos from Baker’s appearance in the March 1987 issue of Playboy. [NSFW]

  • Marina Baker in Casanova (1987)
  • This post is about Baker’s appearance in Casanova; with photos from the April 1987 issue of Playboy. [NSFW]

    * * * * *

    Fiona Horne Pages

  • Fiona Horne
  • My first post explains why Horne is featured on this blog; it is illustrated with pictures from her 1998 and 2005 photshoots for Playboy. [NSFW]

  • Fiona Horne in Black+White
  • This post features photos from Horne’s appearance in the October 1994 issue of Black+White. [NSFW]

  • Fiona Horne in Celebrity Survivor
  • This post features images from Horne’s appearance in the August 2006 episodes of Celebrity Survivor. [NSFW]

  • Fiona Horne in Black+White (again)
  • This post features photos from Horne’s appearance in the November 2006 issue of Black+White and an updated list of publications. [NSFW]

    22 Responses to “Index: Real Witches”

    1. Well the newest WITCH on the block 2009’s most lovely and powerful one…

      Lady Aryia
      Priestess of the Root
      Coven of the Circle Witches (USA)

      Stand back and bow Fiona and Maxine’s of this world

    2. Lightdragon Says:

      Nah Lady Aria is cute. but the sexiest would be Fairuza Balk and
      Alison Hanigan.yes she played Willow the witch on Buffy but she became one in real life.

    3. Gorgeous. “nuff said?

    4. nothing from Gerald Gardner?

    5. There was a real Witch who lived in Hollywood. I think she owned or was involved with the Sorcerers Shop on Melrose(?) who also posed for Playboy. I think her name was Leda and she actually posed with swans that she owned.

    6. redwitch1 Says:

      Don, the witch you are thinking of is Babetta (links now above).

      Tof, you are the first person I know of to identify Gerald Gardner as a Sexy Witch!

      Kenneth, indeed. Thanks.

      Lightdragon: Hanigan became a witch in real life?

      Wizard Luxas: that is quite a claim. Some evidence (links, pictures, articles, profiles) would be in order!


    7. Why don’t you re-post your pic from GBG with the monster?

    8. I stumbled across your blog while looking for information about Princess Leda Amun Ra. I am certainly grateful to find such amazing information and beautiful pictures of Maxine Sanders and Babetta.

      I am curious if you intend to post about Princess Leda Amun Ra. If you don’t already know, she was a witch living in Los Angeles during the late 60’s early 70’s. She is sometimes referred to as the Acid Witch and threw parties at a castle in Laurel Canyon/Hollywood Hills called the Spiral Staircase. There is some rumor about a Charles Manson connection but these sort of rumors are usually suspect. Esquire magazine published her story (with pix posing with a swan) in March 1970 (Lee Marvin cover). There is very little information about her online.

      The swan/Los Angeles/early 70’s connection had me confuse her briefly with Babetta as a previous poster has.

      Thanks for all your research and sharing via this blog and good luck on the future book.

    9. Hi,

      I’m sure you already have this book, but if not, I thought I’d mention Hastur’s book “What You Always Wanted to Know About Sex in Witchcraft” from 1972. Most of the photos are pornographic, but with black bars across some of the bits these photos would be a great addition to your 1970s section and/or your real witches section. I have one photo on my blog, here:

      If you don’t have the book, are interested, and would like more photos, I can send some to you.


    10. redwitch1 Says:

      Anna, I don’t have the book, but I have wanted a copy for ages! I have others (like “Devil Sex” and “Sexual Practices in Witchcraft”), but my collection will be incomplete until I can get a copy. BTW: It is kind of you to offer to send images, but I prefer to scan them myself, so my own post on these will have to wait. But when I do get myself a copy and do my post I will link to your blog entry. Cheers, RW

    11. tropics Says:

      This question regarding Brian’s comment, and is directed at the Red Witch: to your knowledge, is Babetta and the Princess Leda Amun Ra the same person?

      Brian: A few things. For one, just to clarify, Leda was not directly involved with the Spiral Staircase, which was located at the base of Topanga CAnyon almost directly off of Pacific Coast Highway. That said, I would love to know the actual location of her former moorish mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

      My main question to you is why you’re convinced that they AREN’T the same witch. The pictures of Leda in Esquire were partially obscured so as to mask her identity, but from what we can see she looks almost identical to Babetta. Do you have any additional information? It seems nutty to me that someone like Leda could just vanish after 1970, but if she is in fact Babetta things would make a lot more sense.

    12. Count me in as another person looking for Princess Leda. It’d be fascinating if they turned out to be the same person, as I’ve been looking for info about PLAR for a long while, ever since I read the Esquire article a few years ago.

    13. probably the wrong place to stash regrets for the sad passing of Ronny James Dio but we were talking about name magic there for a bittersweet moment-and that was my nickname when I was growing up. of former Black Sabbath fame and earlier;ELF. Dio could pen some pretty witchy lyrics. cancer. Don’t mean to be a drag but for any rainbows in the dark out there…that’s just sad. Rock on.

    14. The sexiest witch of all is Diane LaVey.

    15. redwitch1 Says:

      Lenny, of the LaVey clan, I think Szandora has to take the prize. How can you go past a “go-go dancer and hula hoop artist”? I can’t believe that Wikipedia deleted the entry for her … RW

    16. @ Tropics…
      I have no concrete reason to believe they are separate people, but I’m certainly as curious as you to get to the bottom of the mystery.

      My mistake about Spiral Staircase, thanks for the correction.

    17. this is sexy

    18. Aneira Silvermoon Wolf Says:

      Some of the sexiest witches out there either don’t reveal they are witches or are just reserved and hidden people in general. Most of us go unseen or disregarded. Plus most true witches are intelligent enough to know exposing ourselves in a perverse manor to the public isn’t the wisest choice.

    19. redwitch1 Says:

      Aneira, many witches, both intelligent and “true” have exposed themselves in the belief that there is nothing shameful or perverse in a naked body, and that equating decency with clothing is a prurient fetish that should be “exposed”. Undoubtedly, stripping off for the camera is a “career-limiting move”, because it is clear that the (post-)Christian world will not give up its shame at nudity in one generation. So I admire those prepared to face the sort of scorn you demonstrate out of a belief that clothes do not “maketh the man” (or woman, or witch). And FWIIW, being naked in a perverse manor sounds like fun.

    20. Wish you were here with me now.

    21. lewis corlis Says:

      I love thou’s lady’s good people I have been in on going conflict with the corporate clown’s and the Evil cabal that control everything In need of quantom mechanic/healer

    22. WesDisplay Says:

      I will do everything to make 3D picture of real one. Not another fake. If you are real – contact me.

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