Feedback and FAQ

Although, obviously, you can leave feedback on any of my posts, I thought I’d set up a page for people to leave general feedback about the blog. What do you like? What don’t you like? Why? Also, by having a feedback page I am hoping to encourage more of you to leave feedback. ‘Cause I like feedback, it makes me happy, like this:

When I don’t get feedback I get lonely and depressed, and I start to feel like I am talking to myself. It is probably an ego thing.

Anyway, I also thought I should put a few answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) here. Such as:

Q1: Don’t you realise that witches don’t exist? There are no real witches!
No, I didn’t know that. Thank you, you may leave now.

Q2: Don’t you realise that real witches are [like me] not [like you/everyone else who considers themselves to be a witch]?
No, I didn’t know that. Thank you, you may leave now.

Q3: Don’t you realise that witchcraft is an abomination, that all witches are damned and are going straight to hell?
No, I didn’t know that. Thank you, you may leave now.

Q4: Do you mind if I use an image from this site, as long as I give you the credit for it and/or link to your site?
No, I don’t mind at all. In fact, I’d be delighted. If, however, you take the images, print them out and sell them on eBay, then I’ll be miffed. Its naughty, and Santa won’t bring you presents anymore. (And the people who are already doing this: I know who you are, I have witchy powers, and I am not afraid of using them!)

Q5: Can you send me larger images than you post online, so I can paper my walls with them, publish them in a book, etc?
No, sorry. Its naughty, and Santa won’t bring me presents anymore. Also, I hope to publish a book soon and I have to keep something up my sleeve.

Q6: Can I give you a very small sum of money so that I can advertise on this blog?
No. I have spent about $30K on my witchy stuff already, so either offer me lots of money or go away. Please.

Q7: Will you swap links with me?
No, but if you post on stuff relevant to this blog I’d love to know so I can check it out, and I may even do a post on you or your stuff. If I know your site and visit it all the time, it is already in my blog roll. If your blog has nothing whatever to do with witches or this blog, see Q6.

Q8: Can I send you witchy pictures that you might like to use?
Yes please do; but please do keep in mind that I have (does a quick search) 23,014 images on my computer, most of them witchy. So the chances are pretty good that I have seen the image concerned and have a copy, even if it is not mentioned on this blog. However, I am always keen on new witchy images and better quality ones!

The best way to send me an image is simply to include a link to it (if it is online already) in your feedback, or post a copy online (on a free image host like this one) and include a link to it in your feedback. That way, I get to see the image and I get your contact details at the same time, and everyone else gets to see the image too, without having to publish my email address and get buried in a spam storm. If it is not online and, for any reason, you think it would be inappropriate to post it online, just say so in your feedback and I’ll contact you.

And if it takes a little while to get back to you, I am sorry. It is nothing short of a miracle that I manage to do a post every week and I often have no time left beyond that for updating old posts, feedback, formatting etc. But I try!

Q9: Can you send a message to Marina Baker/Maxine Sandars/Fiona Horne/Babetta for me? or Can you send me the email address of Marina Baker/Maxine Sandars/Fiona Horne/Babetta?
No, sorry. I do posts about sexy witches, not on behalf of them, and not because I am personally acquainted with them. In fact, I am not acquainted with any of the witches, strippers, artists etc who feature on this blog. I may know a lot about them, and write a lot about them, but this is only because I have read a lot about them, have collected images of them etc.

Q10: I own an object identical with/similar/tangentially related to one on this site. Can you tell me what it is worth?
No, sorry. I buy what I can afford, when I can afford it. It sometimes takes a while to get what I want at a price I can afford, but once I have it I don’t look back. That is, I don’t watch the market, which is fickle, and ranges enormously even week-by-week, so I can’t tell you today’s market price. Mark Ledenbach’s Vintage Halloween Collectibles: An Identification & Price Guide, 2nd ed. (2007) will give you a rough guide to prices, but the only real way to establish a market price is to take the object to market and actually sell it: so put it on eBay and see what you get!

* * * * *

If you have any other questions, let me know and I’ll answer them here. For my old Blogger feedback page (moved now, but not updated), see here.

103 Responses to “Feedback and FAQ”

  1. Ah, i think Q-A 4 answers may possibly have been necessitated by my recent shameless appeal. Many thanks!

    Your blog has given me much pleasure since i first stumbled upon it while hunting down Tandem paperbacks. I’m not a witch, black magician or anything much to write home about, but the subject has long held a fascination for me and i adore the imagery, be it in photograph or painting, especially when displayed upon the cover of a dubious paperback. Another guilty pleasure: lurid exposes of the ‘Sin, Sex & Sorcery’ brigade in the British Sunday “newspapers”. I’ve collected quite a few of these although sadly, most are photocopied, and not particularly well.

    Anyway, here’s the Vault thread for . Thanks for providing such an entertaining and enlightening blog!

  2. Witch Aryia Siri Says:

    I have been reading your blog here and at its previous home for quite a while and love to use your images on my desktop every now and again:) Thank you for such a wonderful site!

  3. Jurstin Says:

    I had a dream about a year ago, in a castle my brother and I, who adventure in real life often, were being chased by a sexy witch. She pretended to fall down in a sad attempt to trick us into helping her. She said, I have a craving for Pellans! (our last name). We escaped in a narrow hallway that lead to a door with hinges on both sides (how does it open?) She tried getting us by smashing another door to our immidiate right of the impossible door, but gave up. Then we knocked frantically yelling for help, and some 19th century extra extra newspaper boy opened the little viewhole hatch, and slammed it shut right in our faces. Then it opened magically, and we were on an old time boulevard filled with horses and carriages and people selling junk all over. Then a cute pale faced girl was selling ice cream, when really it was underwhelming whipped cream. I was sad. But then she had dancing mice, dressed up like football players (american), and they did tricks and moves. One even dove into a pile of whipped cream just like a real player would dive into the endzone for a touchdown. Then I was impressed.

    So saying all this, once I woke up, I can never get that sexy witch out of my mind completely. Your site is a archaic record for the lost glory, myth and lore of witches! Don’t you just ask yourself sometimes.., where is my sexy witch?

  4. I can’t find a way anywhere in this blog to submit graphics you might wish to use. Any suggestions?

  5. Mike Chivers Says:

    Is this how I contact you? Thought you’d like this:

  6. Witchlover Says:

    This is a great site – I found your old one some time back. I have had a real thing about witches for years now, so I love this site. My wife indulges my witch fettish and has a whole wardrobe of witchy costumes, but it is always nice to see more sexy witches.

    Great site, keep it up!

  7. I enjoy your blog very much, Halloween is definitely my favorite day of the year.

    Often when I find something on the internet I enjoy I tend to see if there is any interest in my services (free of charge of course).

    Perhaps, you’d be interested in a logo design or have been wanting to make some modifications to the blog?

    Anyways, if you have any interest at all please take a look at my website and email me directly.

    Thanks, Bryan

  8. MarvinDaMartian Says:

    I just wanted to compliment you on your site. I was doing a google search for images of sexy witches to photoshop into some wallpapers and stumbled upon your blog. You have done an excellent job of collecting and indexing the images, and there is some great art here. Obviously this is a labor of love for you. I don’t usually leave comments like this but this blog is such a great resource of images that I had to give you some kudos. Thanks!

  9. This blog is great! You have so much great information here!

    I surfed here looking for an answer on the first representations of witches as wearing pointed black hats, or being green, or riding broom sticks. Do you know the origins of that/those imagery/conventions?

  10. Miss Rose Says:

    So Miss Witch,

    I don’t know if you are familiar with a certain group of fabulous artists and life models called Dr. Sketchy’s, but they host drawing sessions featuring burlesque dancers and sideshow performers modeling in some snappy ensembles with fun props and themes.

    On that note, I modeled for the south jersey chapter yesterday and did so in a witchy costume I put together myself. Some of the artwork that came out of it was incredible. Would you be interested in me sending you some of this lovely original artwork?

    As someone who reads your blog often (my boyfriend and I like to curl up with the laptop and check out the witchy wonderfuls) I’d be more than honored to be the subject of a piece of art featured on your site.

    I know this is kind of narcissistic, but my main reason for bringing this up is the quality of these drawings, which really has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the artists who crafted them. If you’re interested, email me


  11. redwitch1 Says:

    Miss Rose, this sounds brilliant. I will email you about it. It doesn’t sound narcissistic at all, it sounds like a lot of fun.

    Paul. I can only tell you that the earliest representation of witches on brooms is from 1451 of Waldensian Sorcerers Riding a Besom or a Stick. By the sixteenth century the image was already widespread in Europe.

    The black hats, and being green I don’t know for sure, but have seen it claimed that the hats are a version of a Quaker hat and, therefore, post mid-seventeenth-century. Green, I’ve no idea but I haven’t seen an example before the twentieth century. Demons were often coloured, but the ones I can recall now were blue ….


  12. I’m in awe. Ran across your site yesterday. There may never again be a reason to ever visit any other. Sexy witches I truly love you. One and all. Blessed be! happy Hallow’s Eve!

  13. puritansachem Says:

    Scholarly compilation. My compliments.

    I recommend the works of your Australian artist Norman Lindsay (1879-1969). Much of his art is erotic, occult & was scandalous in his time.

    By way of illustration please peruse this gallery link of etchings.

  14. as a Teacher of Witchcraft, i would like to re-submit “Lady Aryia” student and future highpriestess of the Art of Rooting 11th Century Witchcraft…to be the Future “Image of Sexy Witch for 2010″……

    She will eventually take her place in history, so it would be nice to have a picture of her Rise…..

    Master Golden Wizard
    Luxas Aureaum (OAM)
    Head of the AGW, AOW,WU, and Root Circle Coven

    Your site is a Rebel of the Self, well lets grow……

  15. A little too risque for Retrospace, but I thought you might appreciate it (although, it sounds like you probably already have this image).

    Or the flickr photo page…. whatever you prefer…

  16. Grumpy Pumpkin Says:

    This may be a stupid question, but I’ll ask it anyway. Is there a way to get to the very beginning of your blog? I mean back to the very first post you made, and work my way forward to now. I keep starting now and working my way back, but I keep getting lost. Please don’t tell me I’m stupid, and I may leave now, be gentle with me.

  17. redwitch1 Says:

    Actually, that is a cool question.

    The simple answer is that I started on Blogger with Raven Riley on 21 June 2006

    I moved this blog and started on WordPress with “Hello and Goodbye” on 22 February 2009

    from either point you should be able to work your way backward or forward.


  18. Grumpy Pumpkin Says:

    I have another stupid question for you your highness. Its probably obvious by some of my past remarks,( if not all of my past remarks) that I’m not the brightist pumpkin in the patch, so once again I beg for patience and understanding. It seems to me that there is a Redwitch, a Sexywitch, and a Redwitch1. Are they in fact one person with multiple personalities? Multiple persons with one personality? Multiple persons with multiple personalities? A combination of some of the above? A combination of none of the above? I think you can see just how confused I can be. Please be as nice as possible, I am after all just a stupid pumpkin, but also a loyal and faithful subject.

  19. redwitch1 Says:

    Master Pumpkin,

    Red Witch is the name I use online; Sexy Witch is the name of the blog.

    My various email addresses and login names are a testament to how popular both “Red Witch” and “Sexy Witch” are online.

    Because they are popular, and I wasn’t first off the mark, I have been unable to get the domain I want or any of the email addresses I want, and I am stuck with login names like “Redwitch1” etc.

    Sorry about the confusion.


  20. Grumpy Pumpkin Says:

    This time I have to make an apology for a stupid comment I made when I referred to you as a her. I had no reason to assume that. I realize that a witch can be of either gender. Once again I spoke without thinking, which is normal for me. I wont go away, I like your site to much, but I will try to keep my comments to my self from now on.

  21. I love the blog. I have been in love with witches forever. I discovered your blog after the google puritans did.It’s a shame but I’m glad you moved the blog. Here is a witchy portrait I found on flickr

  22. Presumably you’ve seen the Sexy-Witch series of statues designed by Simon Laurens. I manged to get most of them, though I don’t actually have the full set. These are they:

  23. redwitch1 Says:

    Thanks Anna, I love the picture, and the wishbone pendent even more. You’ll find out why in a few weeks!

    Robur, I have seen them and I can’t help liking them enough to want them, but they come in pewter and flesh tones and I’ve never been able to decide which I prefer. That and I persuaded myself ages ago that I would buy them second-hand, but I have never seen them below retail price, so I should probably buy them while I still can. Nice pics BTW.


  24. calmestghost Says:

    I was thinking you have so many marvelous images on your blog that I would just use Google to find them all;

    But, it yielded no results. Perhaps you have a reason to block search engine’s access to your images or maybe you have no control over it, but your losing so much traffic you could be getting through image searches.

  25. redwitch1 Says:

    Actually, in this case I think you control it.

    If your Google Search Settings are set to SafeSearch “strict filtering” or “moderate filtering” you will get nothing.

    You have to set your search to unfiltered (“Do not filter my search results”) to get the images.

    If you do it this way you should get 522 images.

    I hadn’t thought to do this before. I like it so much — I might set up a button. Thanks for the idea!


  26. blackorangehalloween Says:

    Yeah, I forgot to check the gas on that one ;).

    But I learned something new today; Google marks off whole websites as having “inappropriate” images and isn’t based on individual images because you do have some G safe images that are still filtered out of moderate-safe searches.

    I wonder how the algorithm works? Obviously, the name and title of an image is screened for “inappropriate” words like “sexy”, but the filter is pretty good, I imagine once enough images have been filtered for a website they probably just mark off all images for that site being “unsafe”.

  27. To clear up any confusion; I’m calmestghost and blackorangehalloween.

    blackorangehalloween is obviously more appropriate for your blog, you can see my blog here: – I’ve linked to you under my favorite blogs.

    I’ve been working on about 4 of my blogs like crazy today and Gravatar and WordPress are now joined so everything is a little haywire. ;)

  28. Hi Miss Witch,

    saw this poster over the weekend and of course thought of you. so i took a picture for you to prove we have sexy witches here in Berlin as well.

    sexy witch


  29. redwitch1 Says:

    William, that is absolutely brilliant. Many thanks! (And keep the photos coming!) RW

  30. Serpentio Says:

    I just discovered your site yesterday and I love it. I really appreciate how you feature multiple images, show details and devote intelligent analysis to the material. The joy you have for your work shines brightly and I wish you much success. You’re an inspiration. What a great witch!

  31. Wizard Birchwand Says:

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this one, but I’ve just bought her and believe me she is even better than the pic

  32. Grumpy Pumpkin Says:

    Did I miss something, or did you? Where’s our post for this week? You get us addicted, then you leave without our weekly fix. You owe us two next week!
    Hope everything is OK!

  33. Love your website. I’m promoting a witchcraft mystery series at my blog and would appreciate a mention.

    In turn, I’ll promote you on my blog.



  34. Wow, your blog is awesome!

    Sorry to bother you but I also have a request, maybe you can help me. I am searching for a picture/painting, with a chimney on a roof (… that’s where they are most of the times I know ^____^), seen slightly from above. I can’t remember figures exactly, there might be someone looking out of a window somewhere but there’s definitively one or more witches on brooms around the chimney. I also remember it to be rather NSFW.

    The picture is very painterly/naturalistic I thought it might be from an old Creepy/Eerie cover but I checked them, no luck.

    Have a great time,


  35. Ah, seen this one?

    An upcoming short from Danish studio Happy Flyfish called »Goutte d’Or« featuring a dead pirate and a naked witch with an octopus as hairs ^_____^

  36. redwitch1 Says:

    Jo, the short film looks fantastic. I will do a post on it. As for the picture you are after, could it be this one


  37. Wow! That’s exactly the painting I was searching for! Thanks a lot! Pure awesomeness!

  38. Josephus Says:

    You might or might not like this –

  39. Josephus Says:

    I haven’t noticed many tarot images here – which is surprising as the genre is a rich source of sexy witch images. Viz:

  40. Josephus Says:

    OK – I need new glasses. I see you’ve already posted on the Witchy Tarot! Please delete that (and this) comment.

  41. Hey, don’t know if you have this set of Idoia (who has some really freaky stuff out there), it’s technically not witch but halloween but I remember seing the like on this site: (and she’s wearing a kinda witchy hat in the first pic …)

  42. You had better look into this film— it’s FANTASTIC!!!!!

    Sarah Strange as the character Juxta/Lamia gives one of the greatest performances in cinema history —a genius,subtle WITCH— she is in control of this entire film(which is great all around!) Coming out on DVD Aug 24th from Vanguard Cinema.


  43. Every other day I happen to stumble across witches somewhere else and ask myself if it is welcome and worthwhile to point them out to you ?
    Conclusion as far is to hint at those that are possibly more “hidden” …

    Being familiar with the Walpurgisnacht-concept you might like the scene
    (in art nouveau style or “Jugendstil” as it is called in German , since that
    style was made popular by the illustrated weekly “Jugend” (Youth), also the source of the following link) depicted here:

    Keep up the enchanting work …! Regards Frank

  44. Allen's Brain Says:

    Not sure who the artist is, but this cover of the March, 1950 “Startling Stories” features a sexy witch on the cover that I’m fairly certain I’ve not seen at the blog here.

  45. redwitch1 Says:

    You are right Allen. And I do love that one. I do have a copy of the mag., have scanned it and the story that it illustrates, but my copy is pretty ratty and I have been meaning to get a better one so I can do a blog entry on it. Perhaps I should just give in and do one with the tattered cover and upgrade it when I can … Perhaps. Thanks for the reminder! RW

  46. redwitch1 Says:

    I do love the magazine Jugend, and I have found a few lovely witchy illustrations in them, but not this one.

    As for pointing them out. I really do appreciate it. Often I know of, or have the image already, I just don’t have one good enough to post, or I just have not got around to doing it (or I find reasons not to: like the Thorne Smith post I must do now that I have dozens of copies of “The Passionate Witch” film stills, lobby cards etc etc). But, like this one, not always, and I wouldn’t be doing this blog if I wasn’t fascinated by the subject … so if you can be bothered… RW

  47. I’m not sure how deep your witch knowledge goes, but I thought I’d ask…

    There’s this great Golden Gem of a witch film I’ve been trying to track down.

    It was released in the late 60’s or during the 70’s.

    Three women move into a new town and find various jobs, one becomes a teacher. One day, I child refers to God as a “he”, and the teacher says, “Who knows if God’s a he, it could be a she you know”. Some of the children ask their parents if God could be a woman and the close minded, small town parents become very angry. The men threaten her to stop teaching their kids these things.

    The children grow to love her and the more that she expands their minds the angrier their parents become. The men get guns and form a mob accusing the women of being witches, and torture and murder the first two, one by dragging her to death behind a pickup truck. Then, they’re burning the last woman (the teacher) at the stake and as a twist ending it turns out that she really is a witch and takes them all with her.

    If you could pinpoint this film I would be forever grateful and definitely regard you as a witch expert.


  48. I’m sure our hostess knows the answer, but why wait? It was called “Devonsville Terror”, made in 1983. You can get more details at

  49. redwitch1 Says:

    Actually Oberon, I don’t know the Devonsville Terror, but I obviously I should know it. So, I’ve added it to my DVD wants list! And Black Orange, it looks like if you don’t get an answer from me, you’ll get an answer from someone else! So keep the questions coming. Cheers, RW

  50. Classic Weird Tales witch cover by legendary pulp-magazine and fashion artist Margaret Brundage:

  51. @Oberon – Thank you so much. This has just made my day.

  52. As a newcomer to this intriguing blog, I hesitate to offer links to images. With an inventory as large as you describe, these images are probably old news. Also, they’re just nudie shots with a witch theme. No special creative flair about them. But, they were stuck in the dusty files of my brain and here you go:

  53. Your blog is really cool! I’ve been drawing witches almost every year for Halloween and I just read about your blog on I really like your content and I too dig the Elvgren witch and George Petty’s too. I’ll give you a couple of links to 2 witch prints I have on etsy right now. I have some other prints and for the last 3 or 4 years at the San Diego Comic Con I make a “Witches of Danville” poster of 3 of my prints and put it up in the art show for sale & it sells every year. Here are the links! talk to you later!


  54. Pat Conolly Says:

    I aready posted a comment on the 1900’s page before I knew about this page, but didn’t include the link, may as well list it here.

    1908 from Faust magazine

  55. Pat, the image isn’t large enough, or clear enough for my purposes. I like scanning the images myself for this reason. Unfortunately Pogany is highly collectible and I haven’t managed to get a copy of the original printing yet. I will, but this is why I say in my header that everything “will all be here in time” (emphasis on “in time”!) RW

  56. I’m looking for the source of this pic and was hoping it was a movie. Do you know where this image is taken from?

  57. Oh my, that is a nice photo. If it is a film still, I don’t recognise the film, but it looks more like a posed photo to me. In fact, it looks a bit like the photos in Igor Gaidai’s Saman Series, which I did a blog entry on in May (here: I have an anonymous one-off in a very similar style. Perhaps I will do a post on it in the next week or so. Perhaps someone else will recognise it. RW

  58. Mark Guthrie Says:

    I imagine you do but, just in case you don’t, do you have images of Theda Bara (silent film actress)? She’s definitely sexy and many images of her are pagan/witchy (crows, skeletons, priestess outfits), though I haven’t seen any of her with a pointy witch hat, etc. I’d send you a link but she’s all over the internet (Wikipedia, etc.) so I wouldn’t want to take the fun out of your hunt (that’s the part I think I most enjoy about my various image fetishes (witches, woodcuts, comets/astronomy/astrology, old motorcycles). Anyway, thanks for your wonderful blog – it’s the best one I’ve seen (any subject/topic).

  59. redwitch1 Says:

    Thanks again Mark. Like you I haven’t seen one of Theda Barain a witch outfit, though there are a few close matches. I live in hope! RW

  60. So.. in your opinion, if a person wanted to start practicing witchcraft, what would be a good book or books to get them going? I am interested in vintage books but I do not want to spend a ton of cash.

  61. Psychedelic P., skip the books and find a witch to show you. It will turn out much better.

  62. redwitch1 Says:

    PPW, I am so glad you asked this question; and Regina, this is good advice, except … this is the advice I was given in the early 80s and, because I found it very hard to find a witch, I didn’t really get started on my own for years afterward.

    So PPW, I’d suggest start on your own path immediately, without hesitation, and then — if and when you get the chance — seek out others too. Start simple and start cheap. Personally, I love fancy props, silver goblets, antique censors, wands carved from obscure timbers, spring water harvested on a moon-lit night, crystals that I prospected for in remote areas, the whole box and dice. You don’t need any of it and a simple introduction is easily found online. Because the most important stuff is between your ears and — metaphorically speaking — under your ribs.

    As for what to do: you could Google “introduction to wicca.” Where you go from there then is up to you and the Fates: it is your journey after all. If you are little less carefree start with the bigger organisations: Witchvox ( or, in Oz ( And if you want to start with a book: Ray Buckland’s Big Blue is a classic (i.e., Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft), but there are heaps and your particular interests will determine your path here too.

    Good luck!

  63. Thanks for the advice. I will check out that book. The links are helpful too!

  64. Okay then. Yes, I agree that Wicca is everywhere online. I assumed that that wasn’t what Psychedelic was asking for, because he said “witchcraft”, not Wicca, so that is why I gave that advice. Its all good. Anyway, enjoy your research and may your journey be everything you wish it to be.

  65. Grumpy Pumpkin Says:

    just got my copy of “I Married a Witch”, Veronica Lake really is the sexiest witch of the 40’s! I’ll never doubt you again!

  66. Regina… I am indeed interested in witchcraft and not wicca…I dont fully understand the difference but after hitting up a couple websites…I do hope that there is a difference. All information or suggestions are appreciated though.. so thanks guys!

  67. I love this blog. The art is amazing. I’m a photographer and have just started to do a series of witch pinups. I’ll leave the link to my facebook. If you feel you’d like to use the two images I’ve done so far, please by all means feel free! Here is the link to the images:

  68. Have you seen these?
    I just discovered your blog and I love it!

  69. redwitch1 Says:

    Thanks Keri; no I hadn’t seen those, though I have seen some like it. Very cute. Thanks for dropping in. RW

  70. RW,

    Have you ever considered putting still images from the WB Bugs Bunny cartoon entitled ‘Broom-Stick Bunny’ on your blog? The witch is a hag ’till the end when she drinks a potion (by accident, she actually wants to be the ugliest witch in the kingdom), then she becomes super sexy (for a cartoon character).


  71. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I love your site. I always try to forward your link on my own blog. Keep up the great work!

    Wendy, the NOT so good WItch

  72. redwitch1 Says:

    Thanks Wendy, always appreciated! RW

  73. I stumbled, as is the nature of the net, upon your site and was lost for hours. Your images/objects collection is utterly stunning. It was such a pleasure to see images other than the same tired old occultiques relentlessly churned out in every book, pro and con, on the craft.

    Superb and congratulations.

  74. Marion Gibson Says:

    This is an amazing site! You’ve put so much research into it. I’d like to let my students know about it (I teach a module on Witchcraft and Magic in Literature). I notice you’ve read Witchcraft Myths in American Culture and hope you found it interesting. I think I could have added a good deal if I’d seen this first! You mentioned you were publishing a book – is it out yet?

  75. tied4last Says:

    you are my new hero.

  76. Hi red Witch, here’s a book cover you’ll like:

    What a world, what a world…. :-D

  77. redwitch1 Says:

    Thanks Raider (or should that be Twix?): I have reposted the image. Well spotted—what great artwork!

    Many thanks also to Alexandra and tied4last for your kind words.

    And Marion: I’d be honoured! The unit on Witchcraft and Magic in Literature sounds like one I’d love to do myself.


  78. I digged a little bit on Beside of loads of fantasy kitsch and crap, there are some nice witches, too (I didn’t dig here if they are already featured:

    Happy digging!

    PS: Did I already mention tha one of my ancients was a co-author the WITCH HAMMER? There are some rumors that he had a “weakness” for sexy witches… maybe the real reason for his banishment.

  79. How did you get into this sexy witch fetish? And what did you spend $30K on? It’s all very tasteful actually, and I quite enjoyed that old photo with Eva Gabor, quite some obscure and well researched stuff you have, not just a random collection of nameless photos. I feel ashamed to say that I have created a witch of my own, the Whore of Horror, for my comic book TALES FROM THE WHOREHOUSE OF HORROR…she’s the madame at the red light district of the cemetery…but I am ashamed because she’s so ugly, even though she tries to dress as sexy as possible by dressing really slutty. If you visit maybe you’ll make an exception and boost the ego of this old hag of mine? Anyhow, I’m gonna try to copy an image from your site now, and use it as wallpaper on my computer, there’s great stuff here, and I love Vargas and Elvgreen art, you’ve essentially got a virtual archive of the best of hollywood babes.

  80. May as well promote myself too, while I’m at it, everyone else seems to:
    (slutty, sexily dressed witch, but 500 yrs too old)

  81. Hello – I’ve been following your wonderful blog for quite a while now and thought you might be interested in a witchcraft themed art project of mine.
    “Earth Magic” is a series of photographs taken using the wet plate collodion process.
    I’ve arranged many of the images into a handmade book, Codex Maleficarum.
    Thank you for your time, and keep up the great work!

  82. redwitch1 Says:

    I love your work Rik, especially the later images in the sequence — very Blair Witch-ish — and the book you have made is inspired. I’d love to do the same, and will one day, but I am still a while away from having the time. I dug pretty deeply into your blog too: what an amazing process! No wonder you are prepared to go to such lengths. Thanks for getting in contact.


  83. Thank you so much! I’m still working on the project. It’s turning into something different. I’ll let you know when there are updates.
    Thanks again,

  84. Submitting a picture from Andrew Bawidamann’s site for you to see. I didn’t notice it posted earlier.

  85. Hey there! I hope that I’m not being a bother by posting again so soon, but I thought I’d let you know that a London gallery has offered to give me a solo exhibition of my witch-themed photography series “Earth Magic.” I’m using Kickstarter to raise funds to make it all work.

    Thanks for your time. And again, thanks for keeping up such a wonderful blog!

  86. Pssst! I did remember something you’ll like… just google “Dívka na koštěti” and “Das Mädchen auf dem Besentstiel” (aka “Saxana die Hexe”) and “The girl on the broomstick”. As a teaser, here the cover of the OST:

    There are some nice movie stills and there is the complete movie on youtube, you’ll love the artworks of the intro… all the guys in my class have been in love with that redhead back then! *sigh*

  87. redwitch1 Says:

    Excellent! I watched the whole thing on YouTube and have just ordered the DVD from When it arrives I’ll do a post on it. Thanks! RW

  88. Fish Lisp. Says:

    Hey, just thought I would give you a heads up on someone using one of your images, though you may not be interested. I really hate to be a dobber, but I also hate more an uncredited image. Then again if they are not making any profit out of it, I just think at least a link to your site is fair.

  89. I LOVE this blog! Excellent Excellent Excellent! amazing amount of work and care. Just love it. Did your book come out yet?

  90. I stumbled across a reference to your blog on the The Witches Voice. Bravo! What a great piece of work you have assembled here. keep it up…I can’t wait for more! #writersunite

  91. redwitch1 Says:

    Thanks. I agree, a link is fair. In fact, it is the common currency (and courtesy) among bloggers, and it is not much to ask really. RW

  92. There was an image that was posted on another site that I follow that might be of interest:

  93. I expected “will you marry me” to be on the FAQ…

  94. RONALD RYDER Says:

    I think that not all witches or evil a lot of them or very good and just want to help people it dose not. Matter if they or male or female. Just because a very very cute lovely and very very sexy women is a witch dose not mean that. She can not be very very sweet and. Kind and just wants to help people and would truly make a very very sweet sweet and loveing wife to some one or just a very very sweet sweet kind and helpfull friend to some one.

  95. here’s a cover of contes feerotiques you might like (from here).

  96. Hope you’re still around, haven’t seen you post in a few years.

    Would you mind emailing me, I’d love to discuss a few things.


  97. abby soto Says:

    I invite you to visit my DA page and the club i run there, I think you will dig the art

  98. Hi, I was wondering if I could use these images to make digital supplies for scrapbooking, art journaling and digital art (incorporated in a wider design) (with credit + link to this site) for sale?

  99. Francis W Hutter Says:

    Have a pic of Gail Sondergard as the wicked witch from the wizard of oz from a screen test what address do I sent it to F W H

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