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Spell Bound, 2011

Posted in 2000+, Book, PSFW on 9 July 2011 by redwitch1
[Palaez, cover and p. 43]

Spell Bound (2011) follows Coven: Sisterhood of the Dark (1998), Coven 2: A Gallery Girls Collection (2002) and Coven 3: A Gallery Girls Book from SQP Inc. (See my posts here, here and here).

[Bob Larkin, p. 15 (2009)]

When I did my post on Coven 3: A Gallery Girls Book I said that the SQP Inc. volumes were improving and this is another instance of that. In fact, this collection is awesome! And, unlike the previous collections, all fifty artworks are in colour. It was difficult selecting only ten images for today’s post.

[Scott Lewis, p. 41]

For me, the stand out artists are Scott Lewis (three pieces) and Palaez (two piece). I have limited myself to one each below because I was trying to show the variety of styles. And I have included as many as I felt I could without spoiling the fun of buying a copy.

[SQP Art Books 2011 calendar by James Hottinger, “Spellbound” (2010)]

Each SPQ collection is quite cheap (this one is only USD14.95), so do yourself a favour and buy this one, and any of the others you missed, immediately. When I bought mine I got, as an extra added bonus, a super-sexy witch calendar for 2011 (above) by James Hottinger. You might be lucky too!

[Brian Leblanc, p. 42 (2010)]
[Adrian Velez and Dave Dunstan, p.19 (2010)]
[Carlos Valenzuela, p.30 TEXT]
[Carlos Valenzuela, p. 25]
[Diego Grego, p. 16 (2010)]
[Dave Dunstan, p. 35 (2010)]

Mexican Sexy Witch, 1998

Posted in 90s, Magazine, PSFW on 12 March 2011 by redwitch1

This is the cover of a Mexican adult comic. It bears no relation to the contents at all, which are a series of infantile “sexy” jokes in comic-strip form. It is hard to imagine anyone outside of a mental hospital actually being titillated by El Mil Chistes, especially as recently as 11 May 1998. But this is issue no. 657 (!!) of the magazine. I can only assume that the appeal is the cover-art. at least, I hope it is.

In this case we have a very full-figured, blonde-haired witch, riding a very plain vibrator. The witch is exclaiming: “Adios a las escobas …¡Ahora lo Moderno es ESTO!” [Goodbye to the brooms … Now the Modern thing is THIS!]

Of course, vibrators have been around for a century, and battery-operated ones that look like this have been around since the late sixties. So this is a bit like saying, “goodbye brooms, the modern thing is a carpet-sweeper”. If the artist had done their job properly, they would have been depicted a very modern-looking vibrator. One with knobbly-bits, elliptical motions and bright colours.

Then there is the cat. I am not entirely sure why the cat is sweating so profusely. Perhaps our witch is travelling at great speed, and it is clinging for dear life to her ample arse. But you’d be forgiven for thinking that the cat is—instead—taking advantage of the witch’s posture. Perhaps this is why the magazine is only “para su venta a mayores de 18 años” [for sale to those greater than 18 years].

Gunthar James, The Witch’s Spell, 1969

Posted in 60s, Book, PSFW on 9 February 2011 by redwitch1

This is a title in the long-running Liverpool “Rear Window Series.” There are plenty of self-explanatory titles in the series, including Mother Loves Brother, A Sister Sandwich, Teacher’s Bonus, Sex-Education Class, Every Gal Has One, Oriental She-Devil, etc etc.

On vintage erotic book sites and auctions books in this series change hands for well over USD100. (See here for some examples). I got The Witch’s Spell pretty cheaply and—unlike most of the supernatural sleaze that I have bought—actually read it. And, having read it, I thought I’d write a review of it here.

* * * * *

Unusually, the book contains an explanatory Foreword in which “The Publishers” mention “the recent motion picture” Rosemary’s Baby (1968) as a prompt for the book. The story concerns “what might happen were one or more ‘witches’ to infiltrate a community and place it under the dominion of ‘The Devil'” (8). The story is based “in our own times in any middle class and middle size city or town” in the USA (7).

What this means that the “witches” in this story are really Satanists. They are not Satanic witches of the Anton Le Vey variety either: they are supernatural beings, agents of the devil. The main witch is Natas (= Satan), though she is using the name Mrs Georgiana Carter. The reader discovers by the end of the book that she is many hundreds of years old and that she owes her stunning looks to the devil. Her assistant, Mrs Fenley, a witch-in-training, has been in service a lot longer than she would like: “she had almost served out her time as a Devil’s Disciple and was shortly to be rewarded with the same beautiful face and figure” as Mrs Carter (29).

[Mrs Carter (the witch), Charles and Julie Simpson]

The victims of this story are introduced in the first lines: “It was, as they say, ‘a lovely wedding.’ It was made doubly lovely-lovely because the groom was not only taking a bride, he had just been elected Mayor of the town.”

The inexperienced and awkward Charles and Julie Simpson are set upon by Mrs Carter. She uses magic to ruin their wedding night, then seduces Charles—with the help of a potion—then uses the film of his humiliation to blackmail Julie into having sex with a local thug, and then uses the films of his and her humiliation to blackmail Charles.

Charles must allow the thug to act freely in the town, which soon becomes a haven for vice and racketeering. He must also invite all the power-brokers of the town to a series of sex parties, each of which offers opportunities to gather more film, giving greater scope to Mrs Carter’s blackmailing operations and her control of the town.

The local thug, Garson, has promised his lieutenants sex with Julie; Mrs Carter organizes it; Charles is shown in at the point that Julie is experiencing (of course) multiple orgasms with multiple partners; he leaves in despair and she is marched off to work in a local brothel.

At this point Dag Ehrling arrives: he is the answer to Mrs Fenley’s prayers. “Here was a Witch of the highest order … he was one of the Devil’s right hands” (200). Ehrling tells Mrs Carter that “You have displeased our Master”—by not preparing Mrs Fenley for her transformation and for going too far with Charles and Julie Simpson. The Devil is concerned that the open humiliation and degradation of the couple will make the pursuit of new souls more difficult, and that the open depravity of the town will lead to a religious resurgence!

Mrs Carter is sentenced to be raped by seven devils, goblins and gnomes (201). The resulting pregnancy will result in “another Witch—a son-devil who will carry on the work of debasing mankind and enrolling souls in the Devil’s army” (203). She is also transformed into a hag, and becomes the servant of Mrs Fenley, who gets her pinup looks. They leave the town, the local thug and his boys are “taken care of” (via evidence of narcotics, prostitution, etc.) and Julie is rescued from the brothel.

* * * * *

So, in this book, “witches” are supernatural beings—the spawn of witches and demons—whose job is to debase mankind and enroll souls in the Devil’s army. There are male and female witches; and the female witches can either be “beautiful and voluptuous” (see the cover art!)—and eternally 25—or old hags. The witches cast spells and use potions (53: “Natas, of course, was privy to all kinds of ‘potions.’ She would have been a pretty poor excuse for a Witch if she wasn’t.”).

Chances are, this isn’t your idea of a witch. But you have to wonder how widespread this idea was after Rosemary’s Baby (1968), because most of the stories I have encountered with “witch” in the title from around this period are based on a similar idea—which is why I have not reviewed many of the stories on this site.

Danielle Bedics’s Pinup Witches

Posted in 2000+, Photograph, Pin-up, PSFW on 6 November 2010 by redwitch1

Danielle Bedics is a talented photographer located in Los Angeles who has recently started doing a series of classic witch pinups. (After you have photographed Dita Von Teese, what else can you do!) She has given me permission to post these two very professional-looking images with links to her facebook pages. Apparently, Danielle provides era-specific hair and makeup artists and then she takes awesome photos like this:

So, if you want to be a pinup witch, it is time to visit LA, and if you like looking at pinup witches, visit her site and encourage her to do more!

* * * * *

BTW: Do I need to explain that this is not a paid advertisement for Danielle? Sensibly, Danielle read both Q6 and Q7 in my FAQ and did not offer to pay me, or swap links, so that I would do a post on her work. Instead, she brought two gorgeous photos to my attention and gave me permission to use them. I was so grateful for this unusual attentiveness and generosity, I thought I’d do a post on her work immediately!

BTW also, this week I finally got my scanner working again and also finally got a memory card for my new 12MP camera, so I can actually use it. I spent twelve hours scanning and photographing half of my backlog of recent acquisitions and can I just say, you really are in for a treat these next few months. All I have to do now is find a regular time to post …

Witches’ Sabbat in Paris, Revisited

Posted in 10s, Photograph, Postcard, PSFW on 26 October 2010 by redwitch1
[the witches arrive, and are anointed]

James B. has kindly donated a clear scan of a card missing that I am missing from this fabulous sequence of postcards: Witches’ Sabbat in Paris, ca. 1910. As I explained when I posted them in April 2007:

This sequence of [eight?] French postcards shows the various steps that a group of young witches go through on their way to a sabbat (or sabbath if you prefer). We see the witches arrive, being anointed, flying up the chimney, flying over Paris, and arriving at the sabbat, where the devil is waiting in an ancient circle of standing stones.

[the witches fly up the chimney, and arrive at the sabbat]

My post on only five of these eight cards was the most popular I’d ever done. I went from about five hundred hits every three days, to ten thousand. I couldn’t believe my eyes! In fact, I got so much traffic that my image host pulled the plug on a stack of my images and it took me weeks to get them rehosted and for the traffic to settle back to normal.

[the witches flying over Paris (which should go between the previous two, but it is the wrong shape)]

Anyway, as a pre-Halloween gift James has agreed to let me post him card. Above are smaller versions of my cards (see the original post here for the full versions) to remind you of the sequence, and below is the card that James B. has, which I am trying to persuade him to part with. I am pretty sure it goes at the end.

[having bowed to the Devil, our witches perform a ritual]

For those of you who haven’t explored my previous posts, this is my opportunity to remind you that you might have missed something that you’d like!

[detail of ritual]

Hard Rock Cafe Sexy Witch Pins, part 2

Posted in 00s, 90s, Pins, PSFW on 24 April 2010 by redwitch1
[Las Vegas 2009]

In my 2006 post on sexy witch Halloween pins/badges issued by Hard Rock Cafe I said that fewer than thirty of the tens of thousands of designs they have issued are suitable for this blog (i.e., actually sexy witches). Well, the number is certainly higher than thirty now.

Although the number of sexy witch designs vary from year to year (in 2005 there are eight different designs, in 2007 there was only one), I thought I had a fair idea of how many designs had been issued. Back in 2006 I did not own that many of the pins/badges, but I have continued to collect them. And in collecting them I have discovered an ever-increasing number of designs.

[Las Vegas 2009, detail]

This is not just because they keep making more badges every year: I keep finding ones from the past that are new to me. For instance, I was pretty sure that the earliest HRC sexy witch badge was from 2001. But I was wrong, ’cause I have since found one from 1999.

So, abandoning any pretense at completeness, here is another random selection of half-a-dozen HRC sexy witch pins. Enjoy!

[Gatlingburg 1999, the 1st one? (Does the design seem familiar? It should, it is Gil Elvgren’s Riding High]
[Osaka 2002]
[Tokyo 2004]
[Atlanta 2007]

Apparently, I am Fantastically Frightening

Posted in PSFW on 16 January 2010 by redwitch1

Hayes, at Hayes Hudson’s House of Horror has offered me a FANTASTICALLY FRIGHTENING award (which, as he comments, is “the best looking award yet”!)

Gosh! What can I say, but thanks Hayes.

The award started recently; looking at the list of recipients here, here and here I am afraid I can only add The Groovy Age of Horror to the list of worthy recipients, because I would also have given the prize to Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire (chosen by every other recipient) and Day of the Woman (who started it all!).


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