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More Dorothy Dix, 1928

Posted in 20s, Halloween, Photograph, Pin-up, SFW on 23 April 2011 by redwitch1

This is the second Halloween-themed press photo I have of Dorothy Dix, which was taken in 1928.

In this photo Dix is wearing the same daring two-tone silk outfit, and showing off a lot of skin, baring almost every square inch of her lovely arms and legs. Also, once again, Dix, carrying a JOL, has a veil billowing out behind her (the end of which she is standing on). And she has been photographed standing in front of a bare wall casting what is supposed to be an eerie shadow.

The classic 20s spooky Halloween photo is below. The photo on on the left is from flickr, where the model is not identified. The photo on the right is a 2010 MichellexStar homage featuring Sabina Kelley.

In 2010, the model in the original photo was identified as Clara Bow, which is possible, but the photo is quite different from the Clara Bow Halloween photos I have seen elsewhere (gathered here), so I am a little skeptical.

Anyway, as you can see, the shadow play in both Dorothy Dix photos (and in the Colleen Moore photo I posted a few weeks back) is nowhere near as sophisticated as in the Clara Bow(?) photo above, but using shadows like this does seem to have been typical of the period.

Amber Chen’s Sexy Witch, 2009

Posted in 2000+, Digital, Drawing, Halloween, Pin-up on 9 December 2010 by redwitch1

Amber Chen from Georgia explains the process involved in creating a sexy Halloween Witch in this 2009 tutorial on CGArena. As Chen explains: “I wanted to do a sexy pinup girl, and of course, Halloween plus girl equals witch!” Of course.

The tutorial is amazing, and detailed. Rather than repeat the explanation, check out the pictures below, then go look at the tutorial (which has many more images, of details like adding strands of hair) and then check out Chen’s own site, where she adds

Here’s my little tribute to All Hallow’s Eve for this year. Sexy women are fun to draw! ^_~ Was in a rush to finish up the background especially, so I might go back later and clean it up.

Danielle Bedics’s Pinup Witches

Posted in 2000+, Photograph, Pin-up, PSFW on 6 November 2010 by redwitch1

Danielle Bedics is a talented photographer located in Los Angeles who has recently started doing a series of classic witch pinups. (After you have photographed Dita Von Teese, what else can you do!) She has given me permission to post these two very professional-looking images with links to her facebook pages. Apparently, Danielle provides era-specific hair and makeup artists and then she takes awesome photos like this:

So, if you want to be a pinup witch, it is time to visit LA, and if you like looking at pinup witches, visit her site and encourage her to do more!

* * * * *

BTW: Do I need to explain that this is not a paid advertisement for Danielle? Sensibly, Danielle read both Q6 and Q7 in my FAQ and did not offer to pay me, or swap links, so that I would do a post on her work. Instead, she brought two gorgeous photos to my attention and gave me permission to use them. I was so grateful for this unusual attentiveness and generosity, I thought I’d do a post on her work immediately!

BTW also, this week I finally got my scanner working again and also finally got a memory card for my new 12MP camera, so I can actually use it. I spent twelve hours scanning and photographing half of my backlog of recent acquisitions and can I just say, you really are in for a treat these next few months. All I have to do now is find a regular time to post …

31 Days of Halloween – Day 9 – Don’t Drink This

Posted in 40s, Advertising, Halloween Countdown, Pin-up, SFW on 9 October 2009 by redwitch1

It is amazing how many completely unrelated things you an use Halloween—and witches—to sell. Beer almost makes sense, it being kind-of festive but, um, engine oil! Why of course, why didn’t I think of that! (Perhaps because I don’t work for Sinclair Oil.)

Here we have an advertisement, from The Saturday Evening Post of 25 October 1947 featuring Lynn Bari riding Opaline’s Magic Broomstick. The magic consists partly of a comfortable seat for the “curvaceous, dark-haired WWII pin-up beauty.” No doubt Ms. Bari was very grateful.

Here is the whole advert.

Déshabille Witch, 1952

Posted in 50s, Magazine, NSFW, Painting, Pin-up on 12 July 2009 by redwitch1

“Legendary French pin-up magazine Paris-Hollywood” featured a centrefold under the title “Le Sabbat de la pin-up Déshabillable” in issue no. 127 in 1952. Below is the magazine opened to the centrefold.

What may not be obvious in my photos is that the centrefold artwork is made up of a colour image on paper, and a tissue-paper overlay that has our sexy witch’s clothes—a body-stocking–printed onto it. Turn back the tissue and voilà: half-naked witch!

Turn back the other side of the tissue and voilà: the bottom half of the witch is naked!

Pull the staples out of your copy of Paris-Hollywood and you get one buck-naked witch.

And one piece of tissue-paper with a body-stocking on it.

Cool, eh? And again, in close up. Stocking on …

Stocking off!

It is the sort of thing that could amuse you for hours. Well, some of us anyway.

If this doesn’t work for you, buy yourself a copy of Taschen’s Paris-Hollywood (2001), it is in their “Icons Series,” and has 192 pages-worth of beautiful pin-up images such as this one.


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