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Amber Chen’s Sexy Witch, 2009

Posted in 2000+, Digital, Drawing, Halloween, Pin-up on 9 December 2010 by redwitch1

Amber Chen from Georgia explains the process involved in creating a sexy Halloween Witch in this 2009 tutorial on CGArena. As Chen explains: “I wanted to do a sexy pinup girl, and of course, Halloween plus girl equals witch!” Of course.

The tutorial is amazing, and detailed. Rather than repeat the explanation, check out the pictures below, then go look at the tutorial (which has many more images, of details like adding strands of hair) and then check out Chen’s own site, where she adds

Here’s my little tribute to All Hallow’s Eve for this year. Sexy women are fun to draw! ^_~ Was in a rush to finish up the background especially, so I might go back later and clean it up.

DeviantART, A Mix From 2008

Posted in 2000+, Digital, Drawing, Photograph on 27 March 2010 by redwitch1
[Red Witch by Silverunicorn]

There are now 239,440 images under “Witch” on deviantART—with no very easy way of narrowing that group down to the good ones, and no very clear reason why some of the images come up when you do this search. (Because the search engine on deviantART is rubbish.)

[Fauna by JenHell66]

I have been periodically trawling the site and keeping the images I liked in separate categories, with the intention of doing a series of posts of those different categories. But I have stopped doing this now because the task is just too big, endless in fact. And so here are a random half-a-dozen images in different media that took my fancy from a trawl I did in 2008.

[The Visionary Witch by MonsieurYuloRouge]
[Nevermore by Celestial_Dust]
[Witch in the Mirror by Esantia]
[Witch by Kuni4ek]

Keith Dotson Witches, 2007

Posted in 2000+, Drawing on 20 December 2008 by redwitch1

Keith Dotson is an “artist, musician and writer.” The evidence for the first claim is in front of you, those wanting to test his other claims can chase up his MySpace page and blog (mentioned here).

BTW: Dotson sells sketches like these on eBay at a very reasonable rate; he also does commissions, which would make a great xmas present (see his eBay listings here).

Coven 3, 2005

Posted in 2000+, Drawing, NSFW on 12 December 2008 by redwitch1

Coven 3: A Gallery Girls Book was published by SQP Inc. in 2005. It follows Coven: Sisterhood of the Dark (1998) and Coven 2: A Gallery Girls Collection (2002) (see my posts here and here).

Pelaez cover

Each collection is better than the previous one, and so it was very difficult selecting images for today’s post (which is why I included so many!). My advice is order this collection immediately. It is only $10, so buy one for yourself for xmas! You’ve worked hard, you deserve it; the artists have worked hard too, so support them! You know you want to…

Ruben Meriggi, p.13
Anibal Maraschi, p.28
Gustavo DeSimone, p.29
Carlos Arguello, p.36
Pablo Kousovitis, p.39
John Bosco, p.40
Tomas Giorello, p.42
Pablo Kousovitis, p.48

Coven 2, 2002

Posted in 2000+, Drawing, NSFW on 5 December 2008 by redwitch1

I mentioned in my post on Coven: Sisterhood of the Dark that I would discuss the second and third collections of witchy pin-up art “another time.” Well, now is the time for Coven 2: A Gallery Girls Collection published by SQP Inc. in 2002.

Tomas Giorello cover

This time most of the illustrations are of witches, historical or modern, or enchantresses, sorceresses and other practitioners of the Dark Arts, rather than the female demons, devils, fairies and vampires that dominated the first collection. But the quality of the artwork is just as varied as before, ranging from polished and engaging to crude and clichéd.

Tempting as it is to show just how bad amateur pin-up art can be, I will stick with what I consider to be the better pieces, and try and show the work of a range of artists, not just all the pieces of the best. Enjoy!

Parrillo, p.4
Anibal Maraschi, p.28
DelRivero, p.30
James Ryman, p.52
Parrillo, p.54
Cano, p.55
Cuevas, p.62

DeviantArt, More Drawings

Posted in 2000+, Drawing, NSFW on 20 June 2008 by redwitch1

Here are the sketches I liked from my recent trawl through DeviantArt for witchy images. And please note: I have chosen only images that are not watermarked and are freely available to Download, and in all cases I have cut the images down to 400 pixels. If you follow my links to the images, you will find larger versions of the pictures, and if you follow the links to the artist you will see that some are selling decent prints of these images (buy them!), and other great artwork.

First up are two fabulous pictures by Russ Platt, who studied art at San Jose State University. His DeviantArt gallery is here, and his website is here. These two amazing pieces are The Night Flier and The Witches.

The artists, titles, and gallery links etc for to the following five works are below

1. Steve Mannion: Witchie Witch
2. Joey: Kandi Korn (Brummelbaer‘s coloured version here)
3. Featherstroke: Wicked Witch
4. M. Xander: Blq Witch
5. Elspeth Dark: Draco’s Slave

DeviantArt, Drawings of Witches

Posted in Drawing, PSFW on 14 June 2008 by redwitch1

It has been over a year since I posted my favourite witchy artwork from the thousands of images on DeviantArt. I said at the time that I would do a separate post of “photos, drawings and anime.” I put this off because every time I looked at the site again, there were more witches! I spent hours and hours searching, in many different ways, finding more and more images; and every time I did this I was left wondering if the “top ten” I had previously selected for this blog was still my top ten! I realise now that there is no end to this searching and finding and that if I don’t star posting the images I have already I’ll never get around to doing it.

So, here today are five sketches I gathered last year. Later on I will post the anime-style digital art. And then next week I will do another set of posts on the digital images, and then on the images I have found on DeviantArt since last year. Rather than string out all these posts over a whole month, I will do a few posts each week for the next few weeks.

I hope you enjoy the selection!

UPDATE 15 JUNE 08 (for Gwinevere): The artists, titles, and gallery links etc for these five works are as follows:

1. Candace: Witch
2. Julia I M Clark: Halloween Girl
3. Kyle Hutchings: Halloween Witch
4. Featherstroke: Witch and Co.
5. FatBottomedGirl: Witchy Woman


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