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Mexican Sexy Witch, 1998

Posted in 90s, Magazine, PSFW on 12 March 2011 by redwitch1

This is the cover of a Mexican adult comic. It bears no relation to the contents at all, which are a series of infantile “sexy” jokes in comic-strip form. It is hard to imagine anyone outside of a mental hospital actually being titillated by El Mil Chistes, especially as recently as 11 May 1998. But this is issue no. 657 (!!) of the magazine. I can only assume that the appeal is the cover-art. at least, I hope it is.

In this case we have a very full-figured, blonde-haired witch, riding a very plain vibrator. The witch is exclaiming: “Adios a las escobas …¡Ahora lo Moderno es ESTO!” [Goodbye to the brooms … Now the Modern thing is THIS!]

Of course, vibrators have been around for a century, and battery-operated ones that look like this have been around since the late sixties. So this is a bit like saying, “goodbye brooms, the modern thing is a carpet-sweeper”. If the artist had done their job properly, they would have been depicted a very modern-looking vibrator. One with knobbly-bits, elliptical motions and bright colours.

Then there is the cat. I am not entirely sure why the cat is sweating so profusely. Perhaps our witch is travelling at great speed, and it is clinging for dear life to her ample arse. But you’d be forgiven for thinking that the cat is—instead—taking advantage of the witch’s posture. Perhaps this is why the magazine is only “para su venta a mayores de 18 años” [for sale to those greater than 18 years].

Hard Rock Cafe Sexy Witch Pins, part 2

Posted in 00s, 90s, Pins, PSFW on 24 April 2010 by redwitch1
[Las Vegas 2009]

In my 2006 post on sexy witch Halloween pins/badges issued by Hard Rock Cafe I said that fewer than thirty of the tens of thousands of designs they have issued are suitable for this blog (i.e., actually sexy witches). Well, the number is certainly higher than thirty now.

Although the number of sexy witch designs vary from year to year (in 2005 there are eight different designs, in 2007 there was only one), I thought I had a fair idea of how many designs had been issued. Back in 2006 I did not own that many of the pins/badges, but I have continued to collect them. And in collecting them I have discovered an ever-increasing number of designs.

[Las Vegas 2009, detail]

This is not just because they keep making more badges every year: I keep finding ones from the past that are new to me. For instance, I was pretty sure that the earliest HRC sexy witch badge was from 2001. But I was wrong, ’cause I have since found one from 1999.

So, abandoning any pretense at completeness, here is another random selection of half-a-dozen HRC sexy witch pins. Enjoy!

[Gatlingburg 1999, the 1st one? (Does the design seem familiar? It should, it is Gil Elvgren’s Riding High]
[Osaka 2002]
[Tokyo 2004]
[Atlanta 2007]

Coop Witches, 1999 and 2001

Posted in 2000+, 90s, PSFW, Stickers on 26 December 2009 by redwitch1

Coop is a hot-rod artist based in Los Angeles, best known for his Devil Girls (see the Wikipedia entry on him here). He has created a couple of witch-images and he provided the inspiration for Zille The Witch’s delightful “starter tattoo” (see here). As Zille explained on feedback to this blog

I was casting about for what to do for my first tattoo, when I saw a Coop drawing of his infamous “devil girl” with the same three genital peircings as I had, and she had three pubic curls on her mons, and I realized with delight that they were not just sylized curls, but also “666″ (what else would a devil girl wear?). It reminded me how, during witchcraft trials, women would be shaved all over, looking for “the devil’s mark.” “Well,” I thought to myself, “I’ll make it easy for them, since I already shave!” and thus it all came about.

As you can see below, Coop likes his witches with a tattoo and has his own—very traditional—recommendation for a design. As you can also see, Coop likes his models with a bit of flesh on their bones!

These two designs are printed on stickers. If you go here you can buy your own and plaster them on your car, bike, board etc. Or try here for a book of Coop’s art. Have fun!

The 1990s

Posted in 90s, index on 22 August 2008 by redwitch1

The following links are to all of my posts of sexy witches of the nineties.

  • Klemke’s Fairy Tale Witch, 1990
  • Lopez & Barreiro’s Young Witches, 1993-now
  • Glenda vs Glinda, 1995
  • Coven I, 1998
  • Coop Witches, 1999 and 2001
  • See also my Fiona Horne Pages.

  • Fiona Horne
  • Fiona Horne in Black+White
  • Fiona Horne in Celebrity Survivor
  • Fiona Horne in Black+White (again)
  • Klemke’s Fairy Tale Witch, 1990

    Posted in 90s, Painting, Postcard on 7 December 2007 by redwitch1

    This delightful image by Werner Klemke (1917-94) was published as a postcard by Planet-Verlag in 1990 [SBM332]. The Lambiek Comiclopedia explains (here) that Klemke was born in Berlin and lived in East-Germany after WWII, teaching at the Berlin-Weissensee from 1951.

    Klemke mostly illustrated fairy tales, novels and magazines, but this lovely witch is certainly not of the fairy-tale variety. At least, I don’t recall witches in three-quarter stockings and pom-pom peeptoes in the fairy-tales I read. The cat, however, is very witchy and the backward broom a reminder of what I have said before on the debate about how you really ride a broom.

    As for the man in his striped pajamas trying to lasso our witch, we can only wish him luck. He’ll need it!

    Glenda vs Glinda, 1995

    Posted in 90s, Comic, PSFW on 3 May 2007 by redwitch1

    Raul Fernandez is an erotic and fantasy artist; his site is here, but it has been inactive for years. According to this chronological listing on Fernandez has recently been working on various projects for Dark Horse Comics (Star Wars) and Marvel Comics (The Avengers, Mystique, Spider Man, Captain Universe).

    The caption to the following one-off Halloween ‘fantasy girl’ from 1995 is ‘Glenda got tired of always being the Good Witch’.

    (Remember, Glinda the Good Witch is a tall young woman with red hair who favours a clinging white dress in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. Glinda lives in a palace with one hundred beautiful maidens and a large army of female soldiers.)

    Coven I, 1998

    Posted in 90s, Book, Drawing, NSFW on 19 November 2006 by redwitch1

    Coven: Sisterhood of the Dark is ‘A Gallery Girls Collection’ published by SQP Inc. in 1998. SQP specialises in collections of “female eye-candy” (aka pin-up art) by up-and-coming fantasy artists. Each Gallery Girls title gives some indication of the contents of the collection (Devil Dolls, Fairy Tails, Crimson Embrace, Angel Lust etc).

    Despite its title, however, Coven: Sisterhood of the Dark contains more female demons, devils, fairies and vampires than witches. Even if we include enchantresses, sorceresses and other practitioners of the Dark Arts, only half of the 62 illustrations are of witches, historical or modern. Some of these pictures are great; many of them are not. SQP did far better job with its second and third collections (Coven 2 in 2002, Coven 3 in 2005). I will discuss these another time.

    Mitch Byrd’s picture is probably the best in this volume; and it is no surprise to discover that Mitch went on to become a respected fantasy artist. Therion has a gallery of 80 of his works online here (including the image below from Coven, here, and below) and a book of his art has been published: The Art of Mitch Byrd.

    The picture by Anibal Maraschi is also good, but some of his other works are sensational. A gallery of 40 of his works is online at Therion here (including the image below from Coven, here, and below). Maraschi has a very busy site (here).

    This picture by Arantza Sestayo stands out, though the theme (sexy witch being burnt at the stake) leaves me cold, so to speak. A gallery of 40 of her works is online at Therion here (including the image below from Coven, here, and below). Arantza has a nice site (here) and a book: The Art of Arantza.

    As for the badly drawn, tacky or tasteless, they are probably best left unidentified. I will give only one example: Jose Marin offers us a witch standing between two very tall candlesticks: her arms and legs are spread and power radiates from her hands. I presume this power stops her wrists being burnt by the candles, which are immediately above the candle flames. Jose’s model also seems to have been a porn actress with silicone breast implants, if we can judge by the clearly defined ribs and even more clearly defined (and perfectly circular) breasts.


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