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Naturlich Harz sticker, 1980?

Posted in 2000+, NSFW, Photograph, Stickers on 17 July 2011 by redwitch1

Actually, I have no real idea when this sticker was printed and sold or given away [now updated, see below ], but I believe the caption translates as “Naturally, Harz.”

The caption might seem a little cryptic, unless you imagine a sticker with a women wearing nothing but a ten-gallon hat, with the caption “Naturally Texas.” That is because the witch is from the Harz mountains naturally (i.e., obviously), she is a witch and witches congregate on The Brocken in the Harz mountains, just as ten-gallon hats breed on the heads of Texans. Or something.

The witch is also as naked. That is, she is “naked as nature intended”—she is a natural beauty—and she is presented in her natural state (remember that nudists were also called—and may still be called—naturists [not naturalists, though they may be naturalists too].)

The Brocken, and large parts of the Harz mountains for all I know, sells itself as a tourist destination because it is an area of natural beauty, like a nature reserve or national or state park. So, the caption seems to also be both a claim (the Harz mountains is an area of natural beauty) and an invitation (“Come to the Harz Mountains to enjoy nature”).

Combine these three and you see that we should all go to the Harz mountains, to see nature and naked witches, or to enjoy nature and naked witches. Or something. I swear I am not making this up!

[UPDATE 18 July 2011: As Twixraider comments, the typography, photography, makeup and poor colour separation suggest a date earlier than 2000—which is the date given to it by the person I bought it from. I have chosen the mid-point of “the late 1970’s or early 1980’s”: thanks Twix!]

Spell Bound, 2011

Posted in 2000+, Book, PSFW on 9 July 2011 by redwitch1
[Palaez, cover and p. 43]

Spell Bound (2011) follows Coven: Sisterhood of the Dark (1998), Coven 2: A Gallery Girls Collection (2002) and Coven 3: A Gallery Girls Book from SQP Inc. (See my posts here, here and here).

[Bob Larkin, p. 15 (2009)]

When I did my post on Coven 3: A Gallery Girls Book I said that the SQP Inc. volumes were improving and this is another instance of that. In fact, this collection is awesome! And, unlike the previous collections, all fifty artworks are in colour. It was difficult selecting only ten images for today’s post.

[Scott Lewis, p. 41]

For me, the stand out artists are Scott Lewis (three pieces) and Palaez (two piece). I have limited myself to one each below because I was trying to show the variety of styles. And I have included as many as I felt I could without spoiling the fun of buying a copy.

[SQP Art Books 2011 calendar by James Hottinger, “Spellbound” (2010)]

Each SPQ collection is quite cheap (this one is only USD14.95), so do yourself a favour and buy this one, and any of the others you missed, immediately. When I bought mine I got, as an extra added bonus, a super-sexy witch calendar for 2011 (above) by James Hottinger. You might be lucky too!

[Brian Leblanc, p. 42 (2010)]
[Adrian Velez and Dave Dunstan, p.19 (2010)]
[Carlos Valenzuela, p.30 TEXT]
[Carlos Valenzuela, p. 25]
[Diego Grego, p. 16 (2010)]
[Dave Dunstan, p. 35 (2010)]

Emerald City Comicon Artbook, 2011

Posted in 2000+, Book, SFW on 29 May 2011 by redwitch1

Twixraider has sent me a link to this fabulous witchy artwork.

I know nothing more about the Emerald City Comicon Artbook that appears on this page [but see UPDATE below], but if you look here you will see that brandstudio have published, among many other things, an Emerald City Comicon Artbook in 2009 and 2010 as well. They all look great, and the price seems very reasonable … and if anyone buys one they can tell me who should get the credit for this fab artwork!

[UPDATE 29 May 11: Thanks to the all-knowing Skott I can now identify the artist as “Adam Hughes, comic pin-up artist extraordinaire.” The artist’s DeviantArt gallery is here; the page for this image is here.]

Hooters Sexy Witch Pin, 2005

Posted in 2000+, Pins, SFW on 5 January 2011 by redwitch1

I am not sure why it has taken me so long to get around to posting this: I did the scans in 2006! Perhaps because there is really so little scope for comment. After all, if you name your business “Hooters” and then create a pin of a busty witch wearing a t-shirt with “Hooters” printed on it, so that busty Hooters staff-members can wear it on their self-referential t-shirts, what can one say? “What an eye-catching pair of shoes you have”? “What an enormous hat“?

I guess I can say that this Hooters witch does, at least, look very happy, and she has a lovely head of hair, and the weeniest waist I have ever seen. It is a shame that Hooters did not continue making Halloween pins with the enthusiasm that the Hard Rock Cafe chain has, but perhaps all their creative energy went into naming their chain of “sports bars and casual dining restaurants”.

(For the feeble offering of Hooters pins on the Hooters Australia site, see here. The US site does not offers pins on its site at all.)

Amber Chen’s Sexy Witch, 2009

Posted in 2000+, Digital, Drawing, Halloween, Pin-up on 9 December 2010 by redwitch1

Amber Chen from Georgia explains the process involved in creating a sexy Halloween Witch in this 2009 tutorial on CGArena. As Chen explains: “I wanted to do a sexy pinup girl, and of course, Halloween plus girl equals witch!” Of course.

The tutorial is amazing, and detailed. Rather than repeat the explanation, check out the pictures below, then go look at the tutorial (which has many more images, of details like adding strands of hair) and then check out Chen’s own site, where she adds

Here’s my little tribute to All Hallow’s Eve for this year. Sexy women are fun to draw! ^_~ Was in a rush to finish up the background especially, so I might go back later and clean it up.

Danielle Bedics’s Pinup Witches

Posted in 2000+, Photograph, Pin-up, PSFW on 6 November 2010 by redwitch1

Danielle Bedics is a talented photographer located in Los Angeles who has recently started doing a series of classic witch pinups. (After you have photographed Dita Von Teese, what else can you do!) She has given me permission to post these two very professional-looking images with links to her facebook pages. Apparently, Danielle provides era-specific hair and makeup artists and then she takes awesome photos like this:

So, if you want to be a pinup witch, it is time to visit LA, and if you like looking at pinup witches, visit her site and encourage her to do more!

* * * * *

BTW: Do I need to explain that this is not a paid advertisement for Danielle? Sensibly, Danielle read both Q6 and Q7 in my FAQ and did not offer to pay me, or swap links, so that I would do a post on her work. Instead, she brought two gorgeous photos to my attention and gave me permission to use them. I was so grateful for this unusual attentiveness and generosity, I thought I’d do a post on her work immediately!

BTW also, this week I finally got my scanner working again and also finally got a memory card for my new 12MP camera, so I can actually use it. I spent twelve hours scanning and photographing half of my backlog of recent acquisitions and can I just say, you really are in for a treat these next few months. All I have to do now is find a regular time to post …

Igor Gaidai’s Saman Series, 2008

Posted in 2000+, SFW on 15 May 2010 by redwitch1

I don’t usually do posts unless I have really good images to use, but I will make an exception for Igor Gaidai’s Saman Series, which Indie mentioned in feedback to this blog (thanks Indie!). Gaidai worked as “an artist-photographer in the Dovgenko film studio” (1987–91) before he set up his own photo studio and gallery in the center of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv (Kiev).

His description of the Saman Series is:

The name of Saman sends us back to archaic times when our pre-Christian ancestors built their houses from earth, clay and straw. Although this epoch is often called patriarchal, it was dominated by a perception of the world that was essentially feminine. In Igor Gaidai’s new photographic project, the Saman is symbolized by magic women full of beauty, energy and wisdom. Christians call these women witches.

BTW: A 2009 article suggests that Gaidai’s images of naked women—who are depicted in various poses with brooms, as if in mid-flight—may be caught up in a flurry of moral protectionism that resulted in new laws outlawing the sale and possession of pornography, but there is no evidence of this from Gaidai’s own site. (See the article here.)


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