Naturlich Harz sticker, 1980?

Actually, I have no real idea when this sticker was printed and sold or given away [now updated, see below ], but I believe the caption translates as “Naturally, Harz.”

The caption might seem a little cryptic, unless you imagine a sticker with a women wearing nothing but a ten-gallon hat, with the caption “Naturally Texas.” That is because the witch is from the Harz mountains naturally (i.e., obviously), she is a witch and witches congregate on The Brocken in the Harz mountains, just as ten-gallon hats breed on the heads of Texans. Or something.

The witch is also as naked. That is, she is “naked as nature intended”—she is a natural beauty—and she is presented in her natural state (remember that nudists were also called—and may still be called—naturists [not naturalists, though they may be naturalists too].)

The Brocken, and large parts of the Harz mountains for all I know, sells itself as a tourist destination because it is an area of natural beauty, like a nature reserve or national or state park. So, the caption seems to also be both a claim (the Harz mountains is an area of natural beauty) and an invitation (“Come to the Harz Mountains to enjoy nature”).

Combine these three and you see that we should all go to the Harz mountains, to see nature and naked witches, or to enjoy nature and naked witches. Or something. I swear I am not making this up!

[UPDATE 18 July 2011: As Twixraider comments, the typography, photography, makeup and poor colour separation suggest a date earlier than 2000—which is the date given to it by the person I bought it from. I have chosen the mid-point of “the late 1970’s or early 1980’s”: thanks Twix!]

11 Responses to “Naturlich Harz sticker, 1980?”

  1. No need to torture Red Witch, she’s telling the truth, this odd sticker is real!
    2000 would be most anachronistic. By the style (typography, photography, makeup, hair etc.) and the qualtity (extraction of the composite elements etc.) of this artwork I would say it’s from the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. Or maybe later, done by a graphic designer stuck in the past. Printed before the digital revolution in reproduction technology for sure, such a shifting of the single print colors in the final product is most rare since ages.
    The slogan sounds even older, it’s kind of a historic quote now, used with an exclamation mark. It’s the answer to the question “Where to go for holidays?”, the meaning is “(To the) Harz, of course!”. Playing with the different meanings of “natürlich” is still rather popular, pick one:
    For a non-native speaker you’ve done a most brilliant analysis of fun & pun in German advertising! :-D

  2. Burn after reading, just a few more witches I’ve found:

    “Die Hexe” aka “Die Braut” by Wolfgang Hutter:
    The bigger version is here, unfortunally with a watermark:

    Similar but poor style, there are more “artworks” tagged with “Hexe” there:
    A staged snapshot, but the effect is better than the standing sticker witch in shoes:,besen,frau.html

    Happy wichting!

  3. Burn after reading, too, a real sexy witch (a former nun!), the pure stereotype:
    There are pics and videos galore, with live action:

    …and cosplay and and and.
    And there’s a real role model for witches, even not the the sexy one:

  4. redwitch1 Says:

    Thanks again Twix (I can call you Twix can’t I?), for all the links and your feedback here and from a few weeks back: it is hugely appreciated! RW

  5. The evil has many names, but call me Twix… thank you for running such an interesting blog, digging for related information always reveals useful stuff for my work. Red Witch is magic! Here’s some Kraut for your next love potion:

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  7. By the style (typography, photography, makeup, hair etc.) and the qualtity (extraction of the composite elements etc.) of this artwork I would say it’s from the late 1970′s or early 1980′s

    Maybe just my bad eyes, but this looks like it was originally published to be a 3D image.. the offset red and green when wearing the 3D glasses to make the image clear.
    Just a thought

  8. Nice website :)

  9. I doubt this was released as a 3D image as suggested by Peter. If this dates back to the 80s (which I agree with) then this would have been from GDR times when this sort of nudity was pretty normal and image quality for mass produced prints pretty poor. My guess is that this might have been taken on an ORWO (= Original Wolfen) film, which I believe was the GDR equivalent of Agfa, but quality was lost when printing this en masse.
    I’m from East Germany (ex-GDR) and was born in 1977, so the chances are that I might have actually owned one of those stickers when I was little – but I simply can’t remember.

    Btw, I love your blog!!!!!

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  11. LONG TIME NO SEE! Bummer about Google! I’ve been offline — writing, for three years. Just turned on my new AT&T and turned directly to your blog. I hope i don’t have trouble keeping up with you! My old address seems to be defunct but I’ll fill it out below as last we spoke and — try and remember: cats have feet not hands! I’ll get it together….p.s. purrrrowl….

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