Ann Savage Riding a Gun! 1944

Ann Savage—declared an “icon and legend” by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2005—played the role of a femme fatale in the classic film noir Detour (1945), and starred in more than twenty films between 1943 and 1946. After appearing in Esquire in 1944, she became a favorite with the troops “making numerous personal appearance tours at various military bases in order to raise war bonds” according to IMDB. (For a better bio, see here.) So I am guessing this rather wacky photo dates from late 1944 or 1945.

Ann is sitting on a WW1-era fixed, naval anti-aircraft gun—probably 20mm—a bit similar to this one. Since she is dressed as a witch I guess we are to imagine she is flying it. Which would be difficult, seeing as it is bolted to the ground/deck. Her witch outfit is comprised almost solely of a hat. The rest, like last-week’s press photo is all pinup: a short-all-over one-piece black outfit with fishnets and heels.

Of course, if we are not going to be too literal-minded, we might imagine the gun is her(?) enormous and deadly phallus (i.e., one she controls and wields) or that it is—for her—an enormous dildo or vibrator (i.e., one she “rides” for sexual pleasure). Both options are pretty weird, but I am guessing it is the latter, and that the “troops” Ann entertained with this image were being invited to identify with the enormous and deadly phallus/dildo. Disturbing. And at this point it should be clear that you’d be well-advised to back out of any room containing either the photographer, the distributor of the photo or said soldier.

* * * * *

I said last week that I had completed my series of WW2 and earlier press photos. I was wrong. I found a few more. This one is all over the internet already, usually on enormously-long pages made up almost completely of images taken (without acknowledgment) from this site. Or, at least, pages only containing one or two images that are not on this site, and many images that are only on this site.

Acknowledgments are nice people: and it is in the interest of all bloggers and others to acknowledge where they have filched images from because, without acknowledgment and encouragement, people like me might actually stop spending all their time and money trying to find new material (i.e., images of thing not already everywhere on the internet) and then scanning and giving said images away. For free. Capisci?

One Response to “Ann Savage Riding a Gun! 1944”

  1. Well, it isn’t a Pin Up, but I’m sure you’ll find some if you know what to look for:

    Not sexy, too:

    Well, this one is better:

    Ah, now I know what to google for: “witch nose art”, there are LOADS of pics… happy digging!

    PS: Please visit my other blog:

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