Leggy Lucia Carroll, 1941

This Lucia Carroll press photo was probably released in 1941 rather than 1940, but both are possible. Lucia Carroll (fl. 1940–55) appeared—uncredited—in a series of films in 1940 and 1941, appearing in her first credited role in January 1942. None of her films are particularly memorable and so she has not attracted a Wikipedia entry.

Digging around, I find that in May 1941 Carroll appeared in a photo-shoot in Life of a Leslie Charteris novella: The Saint Goes West: The Mystery of the Palm Springs Playboy. As Burl Barer writes, Carroll portrays Ginny, one of “the luscious women in the life of playboy Freddy Pellman.” In Life, Carroll is described simply as “an attractive redhead”—but, as usual, it is the “beautiful blonde” (Marjorie Woodworth) who gets all the best shots.

With this photo in front of us, it is hard to understand why luscious, leggy Lucia Carroll didn’t get more time in front of the camera. She certainly makes for an eye-popping red[headed] witch in this figure-hugging, diaphanous black outfit, with its split skirt and pendulous sleeves.

Of course, the angle of the photo helps, looking up—as we are—along one long, bare leg, which draws the eye up over Carroll’s narrow hips, tiny waist, not-so-tiny bust (emphasised rather than concealed by a snow-white bra), to a defiant face, looking into the distance off-camera. The hat is a masterpiece: I love these witchy hats with calico undersides, which radiate pleats like a devilish halo (like this one, and Gale Robbins here). It is a shame they went out of fashion …

3 Responses to “Leggy Lucia Carroll, 1941”

  1. I can’t believe I hadn’t come across your blog before! I love it! Thanks for your time and energy! Joy

  2. Jack Dempsey Says:

    In 1972, in New Orleans, Lucia Carroll came into the bar where I was working and eventually followed me and my roommate home. We let her stay with us for about a week–she didn’t have a time and was looking hard for money–and then had to kick her out, since she showed no sign of leaving. She was still beautiful, striking, though it seemed pretty clear that she’d run hard into the drink.

  3. hahaha…my name i lucia carroll

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