Bewitching June Collyer, 1930

Unusually, June Collyer (1906–68; aka Dorothea Heermance) had appeared in about a dozen films over three years before this press photo was released. But most of these were for Fox. Her first two films for Paramount appeared in 1929 (The Love Doctor and River of Romance), so the studio obviously decided it was a good idea to advertise their new recruit.

Also unusually, a stamp on the back of this press photo names the photographer: Eugene Robert Richee (1896–1972). Richee rates an entry on imdb (here), where we are told that he was “a studio photographer who worked for Paramount Pictures from 1925 to 1935 and took many photos of actress Louise Brooks during her time at Paramount” before moving on to MGM and Warner Brothers.

The snipe on this photo reads:

International Newsreel Photo 3246 A&C Los Angeles Bureau (O)

June Collyer, screen player, replaces the proverbial black Hallowe’en Cat with the white variety for good luck.

I am not sure that four, stuffed, white cats would bring you much in the way of good luck. In fact, unless the cats were offerings to Sekhmet the Great, Mistress of Dread, Lady of the Bloodbath, Ruler of the Chamber of Flames, I reckon your life wouldn’t be worth a bean.

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