Witches Young and Fair, 1912

The artwork on this lovely postcard is by Clare Angell, a reasonably prolific artists, but beyond that I know nothing about her. (Believe it or not, this is her signature below!)

I am not sure why she has tied her full-chested, Gibson-girl witch, to her broom. I would have thought her hat (which is circled by a snake, and decorated with ostrich feathers) is in more danger of being blown away, than she is!

A close look at her seductive leer …

explains the warning to young men printed below

Young man have a care,
Witches are flying through the air.
Not old and ugly:
But young and Fair.

Fair indeed. The whole composition makes me want to say oh là là, because this outfit is clearly inspired by naughty French cabaret dancers of the Moulin Rouge-type.

But our naughty witch is not alone. Here are her friends, her midnight-companions, her bon amis familiers.

And ladies, check out these shoes …

* * * * *

It took me four years to get a copy of this postcard. And not just because only a few came up on eBay in that time, it was the price! When I finally managed to find one for under USD100 the &%#!@ … sorry, the &%#!@ &%#!@ … I’ll try again, the seller charged USD35 postage for it. The thief! Normally, the postage is one tenth of that.

But, when I questioned the &%#!@ … sorry, the &%#!@ &%#!@ … I’ll try again, the seller about why the postage costs were so high, they blocked me as a buyer! the &%#!@ &%#!@ &%#!@ &%#!@ &%#!@ &%#!@.

Unfortunately for me, this particular … [breaks coffee cup] … seller had a lot of great witchy postcards, cards I had been trying to get for years and years, and so I had to set up a fresh ID, outbid myself, buy the cards and pay the &%#!@ postage. I mention all of this because—if I can regain my composure—you will be seeing some these awesome cards in the next few weeks. I am just going to count to ten thousand now, and then I will be fine …

5 Responses to “Witches Young and Fair, 1912”

  1. SCOTTtheBADGER Says:

    Pilots are always secured to the aircraft. What if she should hit some turbulence? An unsecured witch would feel quite silly as she plummeted. I do realise that, as a witch, she would be able to magikally reduce her speed of decent to within accpetable limits, but people would still point and snicker. Nope, nope, kudos to the comely, and intellegent witch, for introducing that seat harness, even if it is only a one point harness. I am sure that the Supernatural Aviation Administration approves.

  2. I know the @#$%^&*!!! feelin’!!! oops-sh*t..what was that?!!! Oh man.

  3. Thirty-five dollars US for sending a postcard? Was it hand-delivered by ninjas at midnight?

  4. redwitch1 Says:

    Now that I wouldn’t have complained about! Everyone should do their bit to support the ninjas.


  5. […] jemals sehen eine weitere unter USD100. Also, genießen und besitzen selbst die Geduld! (Oder ein Ninja Delivery-Person werden. Die Arbeit ist leicht und die Bezahlung ist gut!) Abgelegt unter: 10s […]

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