Witches’ Sabbat in Paris, Revisited

[the witches arrive, and are anointed]

James B. has kindly donated a clear scan of a card missing that I am missing from this fabulous sequence of postcards: Witches’ Sabbat in Paris, ca. 1910. As I explained when I posted them in April 2007:

This sequence of [eight?] French postcards shows the various steps that a group of young witches go through on their way to a sabbat (or sabbath if you prefer). We see the witches arrive, being anointed, flying up the chimney, flying over Paris, and arriving at the sabbat, where the devil is waiting in an ancient circle of standing stones.

[the witches fly up the chimney, and arrive at the sabbat]

My post on only five of these eight cards was the most popular I’d ever done. I went from about five hundred hits every three days, to ten thousand. I couldn’t believe my eyes! In fact, I got so much traffic that my image host pulled the plug on a stack of my images and it took me weeks to get them rehosted and for the traffic to settle back to normal.

[the witches flying over Paris (which should go between the previous two, but it is the wrong shape)]

Anyway, as a pre-Halloween gift James has agreed to let me post him card. Above are smaller versions of my cards (see the original post here for the full versions) to remind you of the sequence, and below is the card that James B. has, which I am trying to persuade him to part with. I am pretty sure it goes at the end.

[having bowed to the Devil, our witches perform a ritual]

For those of you who haven’t explored my previous posts, this is my opportunity to remind you that you might have missed something that you’d like!

[detail of ritual]

9 Responses to “Witches’ Sabbat in Paris, Revisited”

  1. LOVE your work!


  2. Great stuff! I certainly envy your collection of witchy memorabilia! It must make for quite a display.

  3. I’ve never seen this series before. I wonder where these would have been sold new? Can’t imagine anyone using them as a post card!

  4. Grumpy Pumpkin Says:

    Those Frenchies sure know how to make postcards! I hope this may be the begining of a halloween treat like last years.

  5. The French do know how to create sexy-delicious post cards. Love that last image!

  6. Great stuff, very fine images, erotic even. I posted something similar but nowhere near as good a few years ago


  7. Troy Tornabeni Says:

    I am curious if these images are copyrighted. My band would really like to use one of them as a cover for the album we have coming out. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

  8. […] Image is a French postcard, part of a series from about 1910. […]

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