I Married A Witch, Some Press Photos

You have seen the pre-film pictures of Veronica Lake (here), the pre-press promotions, including heralds (here), so now you are ready to see fifteen of the ca. one hundred and fifty Press Photos issued for I Married A Witch (1942).

[1 Jennifer is rescued from the hotel fire by Wooly. She is draped in his coat, not buck-naked as she is in the book (see the original illustration of this scene here)]
[2 Wooly takes Jennifer home]

As you can see from the codes written on many of them, some of these photos were re-issued in 1956. Since the 1942 issues are over a hundred a piece, and the 1956 issues are printed from the same negatives, I have bought either whenever I could, and whenever they were affordable. Which is not often. Still, I don’t want to think about what I have spent.

[3 Wooly isn’t happy that Jennifer has appeared in his bed, in his PJs (what an idiot)]
[4 Jennifer slides down—and then up—the stair-rail in said PJs. This is the image that was used in promotional advertisements]

I have seen series numbers from 1956–1 to 1956–99 (stills from the film, some posed) and P2745–519 to P2745–554 (press photos, posed off set). I guess the P2745 off-set series actually contains about fifty or sixty photos (P2745–500 to P2745–560-ish).

[5 Jennifer is knocked out …]
[6 … and is given the love-potion she had prepared for Wooly]

So, like I said, about one hundred and fifty photos, which you might spend $100 each on (or about $15,000), and years trying to get them all.

[7 Wooly doesn’t know what to do]

Why would you do it? Well, just look at them! Sensational costumes, very cute actor, add a bit of nostalgia for WWII-period films, and that would be enough. But, not only is this film fun to watch, it is probably one of the most important influences on the representation of the modern witch. As I have said before

According to Marion Gibson (see here), the influence of this novel can be seen in John van Druten’s Bell, Book and Candle (a play, written in 1948, performed and published 1950, filmed 1958), Bewitched (TV sitcom, 1964–1972), Sabrina the Teenage Witch (comic, 1971–83; TV animation, 1971–74; film, 1996; TV sitcom, 1996–2003) and Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic (novel, published 1995; film, 1998). Undoubtedly, this list could be extended.

[8 this is a posed photo, not a scene from the film]

All of which is enough reason for me to keep collecting; and for you to stay tuned. And next week, you get to see the big-ticket items!

[9 Ah. that dress]
[10 Posed photo, hag vs sexy witch]
[11 The loving couple; Lake in that dress again …]
[12 … in all it’s glory (though Lake seems unhappy: perhaps she is tired of being posed?)]
[13 happier, and casual (perhaps she has finally been allowed to see herself in the mirror?)]
[14 Veronica Lake, Sultry Witch, OMG]
[15 Veronica Lake, Sexy Witch, with many a leering JOL. Who can blame them?]

3 Responses to “I Married A Witch, Some Press Photos”

  1. That is a lot of pr photographs for one movie. I did see Bell, Book & Candle with Kim Novak and Jack Lemmon. It was pretty good. Have you ever done a post on Kim Novak? She dabbled with witchcraft for awhile.

  2. Fabulous blog. I never did see that film. However, I did see Bell, Book and Candle.

  3. Ray Tambash Says:

    I have seen both “I Married A Witch” and “Bell, Book and Candle”. There are more differences than similarities in these two great films. While both witches end up in love with their mortal targets, they start out as different practitioners of magic. Veronica’s witch is seeking vengence while Kim is being more mischievous than vindictive. “Bell, Book and Candle” starred James Stewart and Kim Novak with Jack Lemmon in a supporting role.

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