Heralding I Married A Witch

“She knows all about Love-potions and Lovely Motions!”

Above are two of the advertisements that ran in magazines in the US before the release of I Married A Witch (1942). Below are the heralds that were handed out in advance of screenings of the film in cinemas in France (Ma femme est une sorcière; 1944), Germany (Meine Frau, die Hexe; 1946), Yugoslavia (Ozenih se vesticom; 1947?) and in the States (1942 and 1948).

“No man can resist her! Young … beautiful … all a man could want—and a witch besides. She knows how to bother ’em … bewilder ’em … bewitch ’em … and make ’em love it!”

“She gets what she wants with Hex Appeal!” “Veronica knows all the tricks (natural and super-natural) on how to land a man. And, brother, she uses them! Wait’ll you see her get Freddie with hex appeal in the year’s different comedy-romance”

“Come Here You Witch!”

Here is one of the “Prepared Reviews” from the 1948 herald.

“I Married a Witch” is Thrilling, Exciting Drama, Full of Surprises. Superb Cast in Modern Streamlined Witch Tale by Rene Clair

Thrilling, exciting, enchanting, with a plot that’s fast-moving and packed with surprises. “I Married a Witch,” the Rene Clair drama, opened yesterday at the ……Theatre thru Masterpiece release. Frederic March and Veronica Lake are the starring team of this charming and different picture, and Robert Benchley, Susan Hayward, and Cecil Kelleway featured players.

The gifted Rene Clair has taken an honest-to-goodness witch-tale, brought it down to modern times, streamlined it, and left out the shuddering horrors.

Veronica Lake, first seen as a smoky spirit traveling through space with her sorcerer-father Cecil Kelleway, gets a body in order to perform some nasty witchcraft aimed against the hero Frederic March, and intending to keep him from becoming governor of the state—and from marrying his sweetheart Susan Hayward.

One of the films most thrilling scenes is the wedding of March and Hayward in which the two march to the altar three times, but don’t get married. It’s witchcraft at its peak!

The witch gets her man, but not before she drinks a love potion intended for him, which makes her fall terribly in love with the man she wanted to destroy. Its romance at its best between March and Lake, and the humor is beautifully taken care of by Benchley and Kellaway. Veronica’s magic ability to show up when and where she’s least expected is enough to provoke screams. There are suurprises aplenty in store for you when you see “I Married a Witch,” but this reviewer hesitates to tell more and spoil them.

Too much praise cannot be given to the superb cast headed by March and Lake, nor to Rene Clair for giving us one of the most unusual and delightful dramas seen on the screen for many a day.

3 Responses to “Heralding I Married A Witch”

  1. Lightdragon Says:

    interesting. She kinda reminds me of the blonde actress on the now canceled series “Legend of the Seeker”

  2. For a moment, I thought the title was going to be, ” I married White PJs a Blue Tick.”


    Truly not all witchs or old and ugly some orr. Youg very very lovely and very very sexy

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