Sexy Witches on

Again with the “I said I wouldn’t” but, when I found one of my very own sexy witch images on (the one above), I thought I should share it with you so that you can all have a go at creating your own captions for it!

[Witch Academy, Class of 1886]

For those of you who don’t know it, is a branch of that evergreen tree of humour,, which takes an endless variety of cat photos and applies captions in LOL-speak, creating Lolcats.

[The Girls of Gryffindor, 7th Year Class Photo, 1903]

Twenty-six Lolz have been made from my picture of nine young ladies dressed up as witches at an upper-class private boarding school, ca. 1890. You can see them all here. Most of the other Historiclols have much more amusing caption, so I am sure you can do better. Consider it a challenge!

[Hogwarts Class of 1843, Minerva McGonagall 5th from the Left]

BTW: You should feel free to re-use any of the images on this blog for your Historiclols, but please give credit where credit is due, and give the picture source as Red Witch (me) or (here). The person who first nabbed the above image didn’t do this. But I have contacted and, rather than demanding that the image be pulled down (as I could have), I simply asked that they give a picture credit, which they have done.

4 Responses to “Sexy Witches on”

  1. Pitch313 Says:

    I did 3 over at Historic LOLs.


  2. sounds fun but I don’t speak the language-I thought LOL meant lots of Love-just goes to show I s’pose…,

  3. The girls of Gryffindor! HILARIOUS!

  4. MissPaula101 Says:

    She isn’t sexy, but does anyone know the source of the picture – a woodcut, I think – on historic LOLs of the old witch sitting over a terrified person who is being stood upon by a giant black cat and is surrounded by several others bearing torches? I can’t find the artist anywhere and would be so grateful. Thank you!

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