What Would be in My Top Twenty

I pretty quickly discovered that there is something like thirty posts than I’d like to see in the top twenty (which is how many I selected when I went through all my posts this morning) but I have stuck to twenty as planned. I then looked at where these posts fell in terms of all-time popularity. Keeping in mind that this advantages older popular posts over newer ones, the figures are still pretty sobering (to me anyway). Take a look:


Tam O’Shanter Prattware Pot Lid, 1850 (225th)
Bisque ‘Nudie’ Witch, 1920s (153rd)
Three Art Deco Witches, 1937 (183rd)
More 50s Halloween Hats (247th)
Another Gibson Tally Card, 1925 (218th)


Witches’ Sabbat in Paris, ca. 1910 (73rd)
Champagne-drinking Witches, 1902 (100th)
Celebrate Easter with a Man on a String! (295th)

Cover Art

A Modern Witch, 1923 (192nd)
Beware the Beautiful Witch, 1913 (175th)
Witch in Silk, 1936 (186th)


Late Victorian Fancy Dress Witches (172nd)
Ipswich Witch, 1927 (219th)
Déshabille Witch, 1952 (133rd)


Gil Elvgren’s “Riding High,” 1959 (59th)
George Petty’s “Salem Witch,” 1945 (116th)
Ren Wicks’ Bathing Witch, 1964 (44th)


Marina Baker (10th)
Dusty Anderson, Glamour Witch, 1944 (122nd)
Naughty Glittering Witch, 1934 (146th)

When I went through my folders and albums of postcards, photos, magazines, objects etc I picked out about another twenty all-time-favourites which I haven’t even done posts on yet, so there is plenty to come. But I am taking a break for a few months. After four years in my present house, and four years blogging—through sickness and health—I am moving. The house is filling up with boxes and it will be weeks, if not longer, before I can re-assemble my study, unpack and get back online. I am certain to be back in plenty of time for Halloween. Until then, if you haven’t been through all my old posts, or if it has been a while since you did, have a look at what you’ve been missing!

4 Responses to “What Would be in My Top Twenty”

  1. Good luck with the move! Looking forward to your return.

  2. Persephone Says:

    Best wishes on your move.

    The Bisque “Nudie” Witch is also one of my favorites, as well as Dusty Anderson, Glamour Witch, 1944.

  3. Your blog is one of those places I love to visit!

  4. best wishes from here, too.

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