Witchy Woman, 2003

Whether you call it a sticker, a patch or a decal, I think you’d agree that the artwork is very pretty. It is not really clear who the artist is—unless “Delight’s Fantasy Art” means fantasy art by “Delight,” whoever that is—but the publisher is “Yujeans Stickems.” The places I can find online who are still selling this sticker (like this one), don’t offer any details beyond the title: “Witchy Woman.” [See update below.]

The copyright date is 2003, I didn’t buy my copy of this sticker until 2007, and there is no knowing how much longer it will be available. So get one while you can, they are certainly cheap enough!

[UPDATE 11 September 2010: As you can see in the feedback below, Kay Warren informs me that the talented artist behind this piece is Delight Prescott-Spall; her website is here, where she sells Jewel Prints, tapestries etc. Check it out!]

3 Responses to “Witchy Woman, 2003”

  1. Lightdragon Says:

    thanks for the info and very pretty.

  2. You have an amazing!!! blog. I wish I had more time to spend here. But it’s back to writing my own witch heroine’s story… deadlines and all.

  3. found a link to your site, and followed it over. Went scanning through the pics…. “Witchy Woman” is in fact by Delight Prescott-Spall. website is “www.DelightsFantasyArt.com she’s been a commercial artist for over 30 years, and currently resides in SC. She’s been one of my best friends for 15 years. I’m sure she would appreciate proper credit and a link.

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