Sexy Goth-Girl Witches! ca. 1900

There is nothing quite like a bit of innocent girl-on-girl contact from the days of yore to set eBay spruikers aflame. Here we have a lovely image of two young women dressed as witches from about 1900. The one on the left, seated on the floor, seems to be reading the palm of the one on the right, seated on a chair. If you don’t see this as “hot lezbo action,” “gay-interest goth grrrls,” or “grill-on-grill” action, never set yourself up as a seller of antique postcards on eBay!

Of course, I love the pose and the costumes. And the girls do look very contemporary in a witchy, goth-girl kind of way. The clothes (ignoring the hats!) and the hair styles would not be at all out of place. Which is why the way that the two girls are looking at each other is so easy to misinterpret. What appears to our eyes to be two modern goths totally into each other is probably just the usual, somewhat formal, studied, and glassy-eyed pose that is the result of long photo-exposure times.

From very early on it was possible to print photos like this on paper which had postcard information pre-printed on the back so, although this looks like a postcard, it would never have been sold, it was never sent, and the image is probably unique (like the glass-plate negative of a couple of weeks ago). As you can see above, the back is undivided, suggesting a date pre-1905; the high necks on the costumes suggest a date ca. 1900, probably a touch earlier.

The photograph on this “real-photo” postcard is amazingly detailed, like a normal photo. And, although the image is tiny, the details I have pulled up are fabulous (as you can see from the pair of shoes at the bottom of this post).

Note the pom-poms on the shoes.

5 Responses to “Sexy Goth-Girl Witches! ca. 1900”

  1. I love this stuff! This is a very cool picture! Get post!

  2. those little round rimless glasses are cute. though, I imagine at the time she was mortified at having to wear them.

  3. Strange, I follow your blog via an “I follow” link on my own, which tells me your least entry was a year ago ! I new that couldn’t be true, looks like I’ve missed a few posts. Don’t know how that’s happened, your dates look ok

  4. Are those Cannabis leaves on t5he screen behind the witches? This is back when hemp was just a very useful plant….

  5. redwitch1 Says:

    Peter: well spotted! I’d never have recognised those leaves. I just thought they were a fern pattern, which was very common at the time.

    And Robin, you are probably right. I keep on about Picnic at Hanging Rock, so you won’t be surprised when I say that she looks a little bit like the chubby, bespectacled “Edith Horton” (Christine Schuler) in that film (who was not only an outsider *within* the film, she never appeared in *another* film). So, yes, she probably hated them. Personally, I think she is very cute.

    Wurzel: I have no explanation for this. And HalloweenCostumes, thanks.


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