Nude Witches of Sydney! 2007

(And, for the record, the exclamation is ironic.)

If you Google “nude witch”—well, someone has to do it—one of the top hits will lead you to a discussion of an episode of TV documentary series on the National Geographic Channel called Taboo. There have been sixty-five episodes of this series, over five seasons, since 2002 (see here for the full list of episodes). Nudity was the season opener in 2008 (Season 4, episode 1, aired 5 September 2008).

It is quite difficult to find much information about this episode, but the shout for it runs as follows:

Premieres Wednesday, September 5,
at 10:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

It’s possibly the most natural thing in the world, but for many the naked human body remains a taboo. In this episode, NGC travels the globe to examine the cultural significances of nudity. In Sydney, Australia, a coven of Wiccan witches perform rituals in the nude to express their truest form and bring themselves closer to the natural world. In America, some devout Christians worship together naked, believing that is the way God intended them to. And in central Japan, watch a centuries-old chaotic event called the Hadaka Matsuri: “The Festival of the Naked Man.” Each year one man is chosen to be the “Spirit Man.” He is shaven, stripped naked and must walk from one end of a street to the shrine at the other end. Along the way, thousands of seminaked men struggle to touch his bare body for luck.

Imdb offers a runtime of sixty minutes (with commercials), so the five minutes of this segment that is available on YouTube is unlikely to be complete. Still, it is worth a look (NB, even though the naughty bits are digitised away you will still have to sign in to watch this on YouTube).

If you look on the National Geographic Channel site you will (eventually) find that you can download the episode via Video On Demand until 31 March (here); more details are available here, including the image at the top of this page which has the caption: “In Sydney, Australia, Brad, Rachel, and Kael stand around a table laden with Wicca implements”).

In one of the few discussions of this segment by local Wiccans (here) Mama Kelly writes

I cringed at the sexual undertones in coven members undressing one another. My first (and only) coven worked skyclad at esbat rites. I can promise you that at no time did any of us undress one another … I winced at a few wordings that I felt were poorly chosen. One example was when the narrator made mention of stripping in front of strangers. In my own experience skyclad rituals were not open to the public. You did not work skyclad with a group unless you were an initiate which implied having known them and worked with them for a year and a day …. hardly strangers. But I shuddered at the end when the narrator referred to Wicca as … a CULT … as opposed to just referring to it as a religion. I was one very angry witch last night I can tell you that.

Since the narrator of the section on YouTube video does not refer to Wicca as a cult I am assuming that this bit has been snipped off. Without it the segment is not too bad, certainly not as bad as you’d expect. I acknowledge the mutual stripping in front of strangers would be very unusual and unlikely to really occur, but Alex and Maxine Sandars did a great deal for the cameras that was “very unusual and unlikely to really occur.”

31 Responses to “Nude Witches of Sydney! 2007”

  1. Love your blog, you have done a wonderful job! Thanks

  2. It’s unlikely in the old days that rituals were done naked Esp in the Brit Isles. Too cold most of the year.

  3. You’re the bomb, baby! “Sky clad.” Wow! That’s cool. One and One and One is Three! And the White light said? Over Me!! Blog? nah, but thanks again for before. I Found a Pen Pal anyway. Scoping out Handfasting ceremonies on (the web?) I guess. The Fairies were strangely enough, by far the coolest. And again, Red Witch, you were right, there is also a great deal of nonsense out there, too. You’re the best. Thanks to you my tired old heart feels so strong and full of faith. I might even strip in front of a stranger! One of these moons…,

  4. I guess that reads a little foolish but I was in such a wonderful mood. Like someone was burning Sage or something.., wild…, “Sky Clad”-I love it!

  5. darkB2266 Says:

    Witches are most sexi women. Most sexi. They have spark in eyes.

  6. You all are doing a Wonderful job.. I love to join it. Thanks

  7. Merry Meet ,
    Great site , keep up the wonderful work !!

    Brightest Blessings ,

  8. Interesting, but I really wonder about the efficacy of such forms of magic.

  9. I love what the one said, about knowing one another 1 and a day, this is new to me but in my heart, to do this for oneness and wholeness, to feel at one with our nakedness withot brokeness, to be connected with nature, i want to experience this, with the right people, to feel whole and to love each other, this is a great religion !

  10. there is nothing wrong in nudity. we come to the world nude and we made dresses not god.

  11. Suresh babu R Says:

    i am from india fyi nagas one group of Hindu guru lives in hariwadar there are always lives like u propels and our society accept with respect becoz we are seeing they are represent of lord shiva .so i m nt feel its taboo enjoy whatever you are thanks to the nature giving nice place named earth our responsibility to save and teach our future generation do the same .gud day

  12. You are the best! To have laws making it a criminal offense not to have clothes on is the inhumane and truly uncivilized thing. to be skyclad is the most natural, the way the mother made us.

  13. i want to join a cult im from sydney were are ther

  14. Ah, ok. Thats why many wiccans were killed in the St inquisition. For dancing naked around fire and for celebrating halloween to rpotect the harvest. Ok. I got it. Thanks.

  15. Its nice i want dothis


  17. This very different from each other people,

  18. hello there i m very impressed to see this programme…i love magic and i know how we can feel magic power i want to talk with proff. rachel…can you provide me thee email or id so i can contact and can learn more about witches…proff. rechal is from university of sidney. my e-mail is

  19. lov witches taking their cloths off and walk or dance naked good job!

  20. I love your blog of witches,

  21. i a gree that witches are sexy!!!

  22. very nice

  23. ali hussain Says:

    how i can contact with you. i want basic information about it. i am ali from pakistan

  24. In India, Skyclad has many forms.

    The nanga bawa (nude holy men) of North India is an example.

    Its a belief, and beliefs are the basic rights of humankind

    to each, his own.

  25. can I make member of this Australian nudity pray

  26. can any one let me know how to contact these witches in australia
    mail me:

  27. whoa… they r so sexy… :D I wish I would have that luck to bang dem.. yo!!! 3:p

  28. Love this

  29. will k byrd Says:

    our lord and a coven of witches dressed in white beautiful reality the perfect man

  30. Tanveer Anam Says:

    I want to contact with you,please inform me.

  31. I want to be a witch can you help me

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