Jana Mrhacova, Sexy Witch, 2009

Jana Mrhacova—I bet you can’t pronounce her last name—is twenty-five and has been modelling since she was nineteen. She has worked under a variety of names and pseudonyms—a testament to her fabulous Czech name—including, but not limited to: Jana, Jana D, Jana E, Jana M, Jana Malone, Jana Q, Jana Surkova, Janie, Jenna and Joana Redgrave!

Google a few of these names and you will find her all over the internet. Look closely and you will realise this is the same delightful model who featured in this blog only a few weeks back (look here) under the handle “Jana D.” It is embarrassing to admit that when I found this gallery (here) I did not recognise the model, and since no name is provided for her, it took me a long time to realise (1) that her name was Jana, (2) it was the same Jana who appeared in my post only a few weeks ago—the freckles on her tummy match—and (3) that “Jana D” is actually Jana Mrhacova.

I have this site to thank for the third discovery. Check it out and you will find that Jana was born on 23 June 1984, she is only 163cm (five foot four inches) high and her measurements are 75-64-84cm (34-25-33 inches). You will also find that her cup size is A. Other modelling sites give different details: this site claims she is a 166 cm tall, measures 84-62-90cm and wears a D cup! I’ll leave it to you to decide which you believe.

As for this photo-set. According to the splash-page for “Jana D” on Only Opaques (a stocking-fetish site here) there are 126 images in this set available to members. I could only find sixteen in the public domain, from which I have selected five. (For obvious reasons she leave her striped, black, hold-up stockings on.) For the other eleven, see here.

3 Responses to “Jana Mrhacova, Sexy Witch, 2009”

  1. Lightdragon Says:

    yummy. but i perfer theorange tights better

  2. Grumpy Pumpkin Says:

    A, but a large A

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    MAINTEBABT JE VOUDRAI DE BIEN VOULOIR DE VOUS CONTACTE MELLE JANA Mrhacova j’ai tombé amoureuse de votre beauté jolie ; I LAVE YOU I LAVE YOU .

    Jana Mrhacova contacte moi par mail ma demande de relation les deus sure et sure.


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