Tiffinay Star, Sexy Witch, 2009

Apparently, this is “Tiffany Star” and she is eighteen. The helpful people at “iameighteen.com” are so anxious for you to know her age that they have published her ID card along with her photos. And you can believe them because everything on the internet is true. And they emphasised the truthfulness of their claim with a “No Bullshit!” After all, what possible motive could they have for lying and faking her ID?

Apparently also, “Tiffany Star … loves trick-or-treating every Halloween, but this year she’s in for a special treat!”

In this sentence “special” has a special meaning—think “special bus”—because her “special treat” has a pot-belly and man-boobs. He is certainly a lot less special than she is, and I wouldn’t have thought it was much of a treat for her. Eww.

11 Responses to “Tiffinay Star, Sexy Witch, 2009”

  1. Lightdragon Says:

    it’s possible she actually might be over 18. there are porn sites that pick up legal age high school ,college or club girls. a lot of girls over 18 in the states usually either travel to California or Floridia. or they travel there for spring break. and these guys pick em up and offer them some money to do this. usually it starts out with about $3-4000 to do this. and each time they come back the money gets less and less. for about a month until it reaches about $600 or so. then after that they tell them buh-bye or do videos where they drink urine and get pissed on. also some of the other acts are vomiting, and getting beaten up. manure is also sometimes done as in the famous 2 girls 1 cup video.(loved the youtube video of Kermit the frog watching that one.).

    Anyhow after they usually do these things these girls. all the wildness gets tossed out of them and they usually crawl under a rock and you never hear of them.

    highly unlikely you will see anymore of Tiffinay after a month

  2. executivepagan Says:

    I have to say that I’m becoming quite tired of the pr0n girls you’ve been featuring lately.

  3. Ugh, I just would have shown Victoria only above and forget phillip seymour hoffman. Seriously this guy has a boiler or two.

  4. redwitch1 Says:

    Perhaps I am guilty of under-analyzing them, but it should be clear from my earlier posts that the porn girls are just as important to the development of the sexy witch image as Hans Baldung Grien and pre-WWI postcards.

    (The fact that I was prepared to move my blog and change image-host so that I *could* do posts on porn girls should make it pretty clear how important I consider them to be.)

    In previous years I have spent ages, and done enormous posts, rounding up scores of sexy witch Halloween costumes, the same costumes these porn-girls are stripping out of. A significant part of the appeal of sexy witch costumes is directly related to the porn and raunch culture that these costumes encode.

    Because, when you put on a sexy witch costume, you are putting on a character and a defining feature of that character today is what you see above, not just—or not at all—the historical associations of witch/witchcraft/wicca/paganism etc.

    Nurses do not wear nurse uniforms any more, because by wearing a (naughty-)nurse uniform you are saying, look at me, I am a porn-star or a lap-dancer, or I am dressing up as, or pretending to be, a porn-star or a lap-dancer. Ditto witch outfits, which is why hardly any witches wear them! (Unless they particularly want to draw on that type of encoded eros-power.)

    So, every Halloween, for reasons I have spoken about many times before, a flood of sexy witch images are released onto the internet. The select few I include on my blog are, aesthetically, the best. (If you don’t believe me, just have a look what is out there.) Most years this means one or two photo-shoots. This year, for some reason, there were scores of them, so I have about half-a-dozen to post.

    Not wanting to interrupt the posts I do on older material, I have said that I will be covering these photo-shoots in mid-week posts until xmas. I am sorry if you have grown tired of these posts. If it is any consolation it will be back to normal programming after xmas.

    Perhaps it would be timely to explain that I do not derive any financial benefit from doing this blog. Quite the contrary, it costs me a lot in time and money. I do it, because I want to gather and set out images, organise them, understand and interpret them, and find a way to explain the material.

    So I am driven by what I find interesting and what I am ready to post, rather than by what individual visitors want to see on a week-by-week basis. And given the flat-out contradiction between what you want to see and what some of my other visitors want to see, I would soon be at a stand-still if I was driven by what every individual wanted!


  5. True that, Tiffany is fine, the gut man I can pass on. I was forewarned in the text! It would be boring if it was the same thing all the time,

  6. Lightdragon Says:

    I agree with Redwitch on posting the porn girls. Those sexy witches in these pics WERE the Hans Baldung Grien and pre-WWI postcards of today.
    you have to remember something. there were no porn magazines at that time. granted you did have porn photography in that time period. but it wasn’t that popular. if you wanted an easy attainable pic of a sexy girl . you got a postcard. remember porn was not something recently invented in the mid to late 20th century. although with the Hans Baldung Grien and pre-WWI postcards there are the artistic aspects as well as the porn or erotic.

    also Redwitch stated this will be here until X-mas. as to have excessive amount of this would be boring. a little bit will not hurt.

    the only thing i disagree with is i do not think witches ever dressed up in these costumes

  7. The URL name is funny; pimproll.com!

    She is very cute, though. Too bad that our capitalist economy has reduced humanity to where dignity and human life mean nothing.

    Keep it up. They are all sexy witches after all.

  8. Grumpy Pumpkin Says:

    Its been a few weeks since Red Witch straightened my ass out, when I complained about Griens Weather witches not being sexy. She told me not everyone liked or wanted to see the same thing. Well it didn’t take long to prove her right. Now somebody dosen’t like pictures of pretty girls. Red Witch created this sight without any of our help, and she’s been doing a pretty good job of giving anyone who wants to visit this site a variety of interesting and tit-illating things to see.
    Sorry about that tit-illating thing, us pumpkins don’t have much to do, but lay around thinking about human women.

  9. I’m all for variety in presentation. Just don’t think seymour hoffman qualifies as sexy witch. Redwitch by the way, is a male.

  10. I had such an awsome time in Mexico!!! Hi everybody! I may be getting a piece published! Not the novels (sadly) that I have been working on for so long and so hard (alas) But Print is Print and I may soon be in print! A short story having no witchy content whatsoever it’s about my mis marridge in Reno and largely embelished to appear as fiction. It is tentatively titled; ” Divorce Nevada Style ” And oh yeah-god yes I mean Goddess Yes yes yes the porn is important please don’t change a thing! I missed you guys all dearly and even saw one Gato Negro ( Black cat ) in Papantla (no longer santioned to be a magical )city don’t believe it. They were very magical and I’ll be better soon. Love as always, Felix.

  11. It is a I enjoy many of the articles which have been written, and especially the comments posted! I’ll definately be visiting again!

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