Gruss vom Hexentanzplatz, 1899

Here is a Hexentanzplatz postcard you can compare to my previous—and heavily populated—HTL version (i.e. Hold To Light).

The postcard is an unsigned woodblock image, whereas most of the others I have seen are lithographed. It is is dated 28 August 1899; it is postmarked on the same day from Thale and on the following day from “Colenfeld” (i.e. Kolenfeld, which belongs to the city of Wunstorf, in the district of Hanover, Germany).

In this card we have six witches and a couple of bats on their way to the Hexentanzplatz [the witches’ dancing place] on Brocken Mountain in Germany. The leader is riding side-saddle on a pig; she is followed by two witches on brooms, one on a pitch-fork, one riding side-saddle on a goat and one who seems to be standing on the hill-side waving to the others.

Our witches are—as usual for this blog, and for German witch-themed postcards generally—either undressed or under-dressed. Perhaps the ostensible reason for this is that our witches had all sneaked out at night and were in their night-clothes. If so, these witches slept in an interesting array of under-things: from full-length dresses (the witch on the pig), through sleeveless-slips (the witches on the brooms), to just a skirt and no top at all (the witch on the goat).

I think this one is my favourite. It is a very cute goat.

4 Responses to “Gruss vom Hexentanzplatz, 1899”

  1. Grumpy Pumpkin Says:

    I can’t really see the goats face well enough to tell how cute he is, but the one eye I can see looks like he’s pissed off. I know if I were giving someone a ride and they kept hitting me with a whip as hard as she looks like she’s doing, I’d sure be!

  2. redwitch1 Says:

    I am with KSJ: it is an awsome goat, and he looks happy to me.

    And really, if she were on your back — whip or no whip — would you be complaining?

    But I just love the fact that she is riding side-saddle, because it just wouldn’t be decorous for a half-naked women riding off to a night of debauchery at a Grand Sabbat, to do otherwise.


  3. Grumpy Pumpkin Says:

    Thats two to one so far. Anyone else out there have an opinion?

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