31 Days of Halloween – Day 10 – stuff I leave out no. 4

I’ve decided to continue my series of Halloween-themed advertisements. In this case though, it is one that doesn’t feature a witch.

I have this advert. in my files because the anonymous model, dressed by John Norman and with accessories by Mr John Inc., was listed on eBay as a witch. The hat wasn’t very clear so I bought it on spec. only to discover that our “bewitching” model is actually a genie or jinn.

The copy might be a little ambiguous with its references to “bewitching” and “my sorcery”:

I dreamed I was bewitching in my Maidenform bra.

Starlight! Star-bright!
My wishes have all come true tonight …

Thanks to … Maidenform’s Maidenette,
the source of my sorcery!

But this is pretty unambiguous:

The advert. is from Life Magazine, although I don’t know which issue; the advertisement itself has a copyright date of 1952. The date is important because, as you can see, the advertising copy starts “I dreamed …” but I Dream of Jeannie started in 1965.

One Response to “31 Days of Halloween – Day 10 – stuff I leave out no. 4”

  1. Theron Ware Says:

    Stephen Foster’s song I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair was an old favourite then. “I dreamed I…in my Maidenform Bra” is regarded as a classic advertising campaign, with many variants, so there probably isn’t any connexion anyway. The lamp is a classic type, often associated with the fairy story Aladdin, so it might be worth looking more closely at the upper fogures.

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