31 Days of Halloween – Day 5 – Season of the Witch

Last year Agent Provocateur sold a range of lingerie under the title “Season of the Witch.” The pages for “Season of the Witch” are now gone (they were at http://www.agentprovocateur.com/witches.html), but all thirteen images are archived below. Whether you can get the individual pieces any more is anyone’s guess.

I was tempted to list this as “stuff I leave out.” The “Season of the Witch” title used by Agent Provocateur doesn’t bear much relation to the styling and decor of the images and—inasmuch as any visual narrative relates to witches—it relates only to the persecution of witches, a subject I try to avoid.* (Although it is popular among artists who think it is sexy to depict women being tortured. I don’t.) Still, I probably would have eventually got around to posting these images if I hadn’t been doing this Halloween Countdown, so here they are as your Day 5 treat. Enjoy.

*The two male figures in photo 8 (and 2,3,4,7,10,11,12) are probably soldiers; they seem to have arrested the woman being bound in photos 8,9,13 (who is, therefore, a witch?); and photos 1,7,8 have a book in them, seemingly a Bible, but this is being trod under foot by Jodie, so perhaps everyone is a witch expect blondie. It is all a bit vague. Perhaps the original Agent Provocateur promotion had text that makes all this a bit clearer.














7 Responses to “31 Days of Halloween – Day 5 – Season of the Witch”

  1. Love the blog..just stumbled in. From a fellow fan of Halloween..cheers.

  2. Yeah, I kind of hate these.

  3. Hi, awesome photos, i love Halloween and sexy stuff. Your blog is very fine!!!, feel free to take a look of my halloween sexy art (only adults ok?)


  4. I wouldn’t say the blonde is being tortured…the men sure…it’s possiable. I would say the blonde is uhh…naive. I like the photos anyway. They remind me a lot of Anne Rice’s “Beauty” erotica.

  5. Lightdragon Says:

    I wouldn’t say these witches were being tortured either. These would seem like they are a coven. Remember not ALL witches are female. Picture #2 can be seen as her talking to the Horned God as she takes on the role of the Goddess. The two soldiers look like they are treating her as such.

    #3 looks like a high priestess is performing a “Great Rite” ritual. and the other girl is the maiden.

    #4 this looks like two witches re-acting the role of the Greek Persephone sharing the pomegranate fruit with Hades. or a symbolic gesture of forcing him to give her cunnilingus as the pomegranate is a yoni symbol.

    same thing with #7 except with a different female.

    #10 looks like the guy is a servant or handing her a mirror to use with the cord. which was used a lot in spell usage and to a certain extent divinity .

    #11 shows some sort of ritual. the brunette is holding the light. a female hermit from the Tarot. the redhead looks like she is casting a spell. and the guy is holding a Rosary or necklace of some sorts. since it’s black it could mean that the necklace is made of jet. A designation of second degree.

    #12 just shows that the guy is submitting towards her.

    The book seems to be a book of shadows. Although in #7 it could be a bible as the woman is stepping on it. something you would NEVER see in an Inquisition of a witch. In the old rites , they had new initiates step on the bible or crosses. in some cases urinate on it.

    the woman being blindfolded in #8,9,13 is clearly an initiation of first degree initiation ceremony.

  6. Says Season of the Vampire to me!

  7. Grumpy Pumpkin Says:

    I agree with lightdragon

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