31 Days of Halloween – Day 3 – stuff I leave out no. 1

Today I thought I might do a post, the first of a few, on what I leave out of this blog. Consider it a brief holiday from sexy witches; or a record of failures; or a record of human failings, of weakness. Because these are objects that I either bought for the blog and realised once I got them that they were not appropriate (not sexy or not witches), or realised that they were not appropriate for the blog at the outset and bought them anyway, simply because I am weak and they were so damn good. It is, after all, very difficult to look at so many wonderful witchy images every day and not give in to impulse buying eventually!

As you can see, today’s post is an excellent example of what might be called chronologically inappropriate material. Like I said the other day, when I was discussing H. Zahl’s “Little Witch” (here), I often have to make a judgement based on the apparent physical maturity of the witch depicted and exclude those who seem more child-like than womanly. The decision is sometimes difficult, but in this case (unfortunately) not remotely so. This little girl is definitely way too young to be a sexy witch. I my defense I must say that the seller only had very blurry images of the set of photos, but I bought them anyway, because the description of the series suggested they might be an excellent example of photos that are “sexy witch” without the mask, but “hag-witch” with the mask. Unfortunately, it is just girl with a hag mask! Oh well. But the photos are charming so I hope you like them anyway.

An inscription on the back of one of these photos tells us that these photos of Lois were sent to her grandma, probably about 1915, with the explanation: “This showed you how I looked on Halloween nite.”

2 Responses to “31 Days of Halloween – Day 3 – stuff I leave out no. 1”

  1. These are wonderful. The little girl writing to her Grandma about what she wore on Halloween night – it’s kind of heartbreaking.

  2. They’re so sweet! I love the little bobbed hair…It remindes me of when I was a witch for Halloween.

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