Burlesque Witch Striptease, ca. 1955

There is nothing much that I can tell you about these four photos that is not reasonably obvious from looking at them. They are clearly only part of a larger series, but they are the only ones I have seen. The model appears to be a burlesque dancer, dressed as a witch for Halloween, with a hat, broom and a few Halloween decorations as props.

The first photo features a seven inch wide “witch dancer” made by Beistle between 1948 and 1964 (Mark Ledenbach, Vintage Halloween Collectibles, 2nd ed. (2007), 241) and a sinister-looking papier mache lantern of the late 30s (Stuart Schneider, Halloween in America (1995), 133), which re-appears in the second image. The model’s hair, costume and jewelry all look to be fifties to me, thus my guess at a date above (suggesting the lantern was an old prop).

The first and last photo is the best, with our witch showing off a particularly engaging smile, Why she is covering her bum in the last photo is a bit of a mystery. As for the hat, the less said the better. It certainly isn’t a purpose-made witch’s hat. In fact it looks as if somebody has simply attacked a cowboy hat, pushing the in-dent out into an out-dent!

A cowboy hat would make a better pairing with the tassled bodice, and could almost suggest a western bordello, a burlesque dancer, but the mask doesn’t really go. In fact the whole thing is rather confused, but it is clear she is supposed to be a witch, and she is very pretty and so I reckon she belongs here!

3 Responses to “Burlesque Witch Striptease, ca. 1955”

  1. Gerald Fnord Says:

    ‘Witch’? No my friend, that is a vampire…just look at those choppers.

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