Marina Baker in LUI, 1986

As you can see, LUI no. 2 (February 1986) contains “Die Grössten Busen Wunder Von London” [literally, “The largest wonder-bosoms of London”]. Not surprisingly, Marina Baker (aka Marina Pepper) features along side Samantha Fox and Tracy Neve among “Die Busenwunder von London” [perhaps Busenwunder should be translated as, “The Miraculous Mammaries of London”?].

Anyway, the insert explains:

Ein Brustbild der Fleet Street. Zwischen der beiden grössten Boulevardzeitungen von London, der grössten Zeitungsstadt der Welt, tobt seit 1969 ein erbitterter Brust-on-Brust-Kampf, mit der SUN als Siegerin. Ihr alter Rivale, der MIRROR, verkaufte damals, als die SUN mit 800000 Exemplaren startete, fünf Millionen. 1970 erfand die SUN “dar Mädchen von der Seite drei” und verdoppelte auf 1.6 Mio; 1978 zog die SUN das Mädchen oben aus, und die Auflage sprang auf 3.8 Millionen. Heute hat die SUN die Brust ganz vorn: Sie ist bie 4.1 Mio, der MIRROR bei 2.9.

[A breast-picture of Fleet Street. Between the two largest popular presses of London, the largest newspaper city of the world, an embittered breast-on-breast fight rages, with the SUN as winner since 1969. When the SUN started with 800000 copies, its old rival, the MIRROR, sold five million. In 1970 the SUN invented the “page three girl” and doubled to 1.6 million; in 1978 the SUN girls above took off, and the edition jumped to 3.8 million. Today the SUN has its chest completely in front: it has 4.1 million, the MIRROR has 2.9.]

The insert is the most enormous centerfold (97 x 52.5cm; 38 x 21 inches), which means it has ten outside panels, the one above, plus eight featuring the “Busenwunder” models. Below is the Marina Baker panel (and details).

Marina. Bei ihrem Busen kommen selbst die adgebrühten SUN-Bildredakteure jedesmal wieder ins Schwämen: Marina Bakers Oberweite misst stolze 97 Zentimeter, was fast formatsprengend ist, denn SUN ist nur halb so gross wie BILD. Marina ist 18 Jahre alt, und in London nennt man sie nur die Herzogin von Windson, weil sie nicht daran, in den alten englischen Adel einzuheiraten. Sie wünscht sich eine Partnerschaft mit einen Künstler, am lieben einen Dichter, der ebenso sensible wie sinnlich ist. Sinnlich ist wichtig— “denn der wichtigste Platz der Welt ist für mich das bett.” In der Zeit, die sie nicht darin verbringt, nimmt sie ernsthaften Schauspielunterricht und reitet danach zur Entspannung auf — noch gemieteten — Pferden. Was sie am meisten hasst, ist Diät, “weil das die Leute nicht dünn, sondern nur schlecht gelaunt macht.”

Marina. With her bosom even the hardened SUN picture-editors return to enthusing: Marina Baker’s bust measures a proud 97 centimeters, which is almost format-bursting, because the SUN is only half as large as this PICTURE. Marina is 18 years old, and in London one calls her The Duchess of Windsor only, because she’s bound to marry into the English aristocracy. She wishes for a partnership with an artist, or a dear poet, who is just as sensuous as sensitive. Sensuality is important to me “because the most important place in the world is bed.” In the time, which she does not spend therein, she takes serious instruction and rides thereafter for relaxation her—still rented—horses. What she hates the most is dieting, “because it does not make people thin, but only in a bad mood.”

The newspaper at the foot of the page (enlarged above) appears to be the 18 July 1985 issue of The Sun, opened to the second of Baker’s three “Page 3” appearances in that paper. (Baker’s first and last appearance are listed on the “Page 3” website as being 26 February 1985—when Marina Baker was just 17 years and 2 months—and 3 October 1986.)

A few more photos from this same LUI photo shoot appeared in FOX: Contemporary Erotic Adventures (March 1986). I have these image courtesy of the Marina Baker Yahoo group (here), so can’t offer any information about them.

BTW: the “Page 3” website also informs us that Baker’s measurements are (or were): 34EE-23-35. Baker stated in 2003: “If you are a certain height, with a certain look, and a certain pneumatic silhouette” then “sooner or later … it’s a bit inevitable really” that you’ll end up modeling. But Baker was being far too modest. Only a few weeks ago she said, more accurately this time, that “less than a handful of women in the UK who have ever been Playboy centrefolds.” And not all of these have the sort of dedicated following that Baker commands today.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt if Fleet Street loves you. And why wouldn’t they? Since her modelling days, Baker has worked for almost every paper in Fleet Street, she is politician and environmental activist, she is also exotic (by their standards)—a bisexual witch and children’s-book author no less—who still looks fabulous, and who once shacked up with, and shagged the legs off, the hottest James Bond ever: Daniel Craig. (Meaning, we now get headlines such as Daniel Craig’s ex-girlfriend is one of the masterminds behind the G20 protests rather than Playmate, witch and now eco warrior trying to shut down Heathrow. Note that neither headline names Baker.)

For more articles on Baker and the G20 rallies, etc., see G20 protest organiser is former girlfriend of 007 Daniel Craig; Bank demo leader is page 3 beauty; Casting a spell on politics.

2 Responses to “Marina Baker in LUI, 1986”

  1. Boy that was a long time ago! I was in love with Maria Whittaker at the time. Those were the big hair, big shoulder pads and big bazoom days. Being a witch must be an endless headache when you look like Marina Baker. Can you imagine having to deal with people who talk to your chest all the time? I think I’d go mental if women just stared at my butt all the time.

  2. Marina has appeared in Lui several other times aside from this one, including two full-length pictorials, both done by Byron Newman, the lensman who “discovered” her. In one, created in, I’d say, 1985 or 1986, she plays the role of a sexy hotel French maid who gets into all sorts of erotic scrapes (including a couple of lesbian encounters, Hilarious in Hindsight – as TV Tropes would say – because of her well-known bisexuality). The other one that I know of is an “extended” version of the “Off With Their Heads” French Revolution-themed photoset which appeared in the August 1989 Playboy; in the July 1989 issue of Lui, it’s titled “Aux Charmes, Citoyens!”

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