Déshabille Witch, 1952

“Legendary French pin-up magazine Paris-Hollywood” featured a centrefold under the title “Le Sabbat de la pin-up Déshabillable” in issue no. 127 in 1952. Below is the magazine opened to the centrefold.

What may not be obvious in my photos is that the centrefold artwork is made up of a colour image on paper, and a tissue-paper overlay that has our sexy witch’s clothes—a body-stocking–printed onto it. Turn back the tissue and voilà: half-naked witch!

Turn back the other side of the tissue and voilà: the bottom half of the witch is naked!

Pull the staples out of your copy of Paris-Hollywood and you get one buck-naked witch.

And one piece of tissue-paper with a body-stocking on it.

Cool, eh? And again, in close up. Stocking on …

Stocking off!

It is the sort of thing that could amuse you for hours. Well, some of us anyway.

If this doesn’t work for you, buy yourself a copy of Taschen’s Paris-Hollywood (2001), it is in their “Icons Series,” and has 192 pages-worth of beautiful pin-up images such as this one.

5 Responses to “Déshabille Witch, 1952”

  1. That’s a pretty neat way to present her. She’s dressed, she’e not, She’s dressed, she’e not, She’s dressed, she’e not ,She’s dressed! To bad she has such an unflattering broom to ride.

  2. I prefer the naughty bits…

  3. That is very cool! This may be twisted, considering the context, but I remember old soft-covered books my grandmother had that basically did the same thing with girl’s fashions – but the girl was modestly clothed beneath the overlays in tidy polka-dot undies and camisole.

    I much prefer this version of the technology!

    Gorgeous image. I have to agree with The Captain. Too bad they gave her the Yugo broom…

  4. Very clever indeed, I love it!

  5. Really amusing, one feels like a child… gives me ideas!
    You probably know these witches by Goya, just made a post about that painting:

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