Kitchen Witch, Complete!


I have finally managed to complete my collection of this series of photos. It turns out that there are twelve in all, which is the usual number for a strip sequence. For reasons that are still not very clear to me, the photos of this lovely—but not very glamorous—model are among the most popular on this site. So I am confident you will enjoy them!


In the process of collecting this series I spent over US$270, in nine separate auctions, between October 2006 and May 2009. Three eBay auctions were cancelled before they finished because the images were deemed inappropriate by the/an omnipresent censor. Individual photos cost as little as US$7.00, and as much as US$68.00. I ended up with seven duplicates, and two of the most miserable “reprints” ever sold! I can’t tell you how much time was consumed by these auctions, and the auctions that I missed out on, or in chasing up the sellers of items that had mysteriously ended early, to say nothing of the time spent scanning and organising of the images etc, but it was a lot.


Now that I have all of them in front of me it is a pretty clear what order they should be in, or at least most of them. (It is also clear that “Kitchen Witch” is a misnomer, but the model did look like she was sitting on the floor of a kitchen in the first photo I bought!) Since I have puzzled over the sequence for a while, I hope you’ll excuse me explaining all of this. The photos fall into five groups: 1 (fully dressed), 2–3 (in bra, panties, stockings), 4–7 (panties and stockings), 8 (stockings), 9–12 (naked). The three groups could be sequenced differently, but if you look at the sequence of poses, and the orientation of the broom in the model’s hand, I think this is the most likely. Even more likely, I have given this way too much thought. But again with the US$270 and two and a half years of collecting!

So now, at last, I can hand over the fruits of my collecting to you. Enjoy!










3 Responses to “Kitchen Witch, Complete!”

  1. Wow, I like these! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Letter to a Sexy Kitchen Witch

    Thank you Kitchen Witch for inspiring all who have a skewed vision of what a sexy woman in various stages of undress should look like.
    It would be nice if we (meaning us in the 3rd dimension) had more witches like you to brighten up the otherwise tedious backgrounds in the deceptive but beautiful hologram oil painting we call sentient life.

    Even though you are only an illusion,

    Merry meet and blessed be!



  3. Fapping over a dead girl, spooky! and a bit sad.

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