Bewitching Aria Giovanni, 2008

I mentioned last week that the astonishingly-proportioned Aria Giovanni did a “gloriously and unambiguously witchy photoshoot in 2008”: and here it is!

There are thirty photos in this shoot of Giovanni stripping out of a witchy costume. Giovanni’s ensemble includes a cape, a hat and long gloves and a wonderful skull-and-cross-bones necklace.

I have selected only seven images for today’s post, passing over the very, very naughty ones. Anyone who wants to see the rest should try here.

But wait! There is more Giovanni, if you think you can handle the excitement. At X Videos and a few other places online you can watch—and if you are very clever, rip—a 3.30 min video of a couple of Giovanni photo-shoots, including our witchy one. The video is usually titled “Aria Giovanni is juicy sexy girl for Halloween” (yes, that really is the title). See here. (But remember what I said about the very naughty images, the images that are naughtier than the ones above? Well, these scenes are in the video, which makes it is emphatically NSFW. You’ve been warned.)

But wait, there is even more! You can also download a free trailer for a virtual Giovanni at Virtual Girl HD to wander around your desktop in her witchy gear! The trailer apparently offers “a very partial overview of the show Aria Giovanni will do on your desktop if your buy her. This show features full nudity and sexually explicit behaviour.” The “show duration” is almost 40 mins. The god-damned commmunists must be behind this site, because you will never, ever, get any work done again! (That is, if you haven’t already been sacked for watching the video.)

But wait, there is even more, more! If you are the sort of depraved Wiccaphiliac who likes this sort of thing, you are already in the right place! Look around at some of my other posts, such as this one on Raven Riley, or this one on Hegre Halloween e-cards, or this one on Amandine, or this one on Sadie, or this one on Zille, or this one on Keeley Hazell. Keep looking, and you will keep finding more!

11 Responses to “Bewitching Aria Giovanni, 2008”

  1. She really is lovely, so nice to see a model with curves and, yes, so nicely proportioned!

  2. apples Says:

    I need her phone number, she’d be perfect for my Lammas Night ritual. (kidding)

  3. Now, how did I manage to miss this last week! More wonderful pictures of Aria.

    She definitely gives me new ideas for the combined uses of lacy teddies and pointy hats! (o:

  4. Wow! A beautiful (b or w)itch!! :-) She certainly doesn`t deserve to burn because of her magic powers! ;-)

  5. if my wife like aria i can not manage any thing because i first time saw bob and ass like this verrrrry sexy and hot

  6. she is my sex goddess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i am a gr8 fan of hers and look forward to have some sort of contact with her some day!!

  8. very sexxy

  9. Aria Giovanni is hot dressed in this set of photos…

    Aria Giovanni is fulled dressed in this set of photos which does make a change for this naughty model. A recent photoshoot with Aria Giovanni modeling some rather bright orange lingerie…….

  10. Thanks for wonderful Aria Giovanni. In my POV she combines the perfect mix between a pretty face and a perfect body with large big breasts. I’m a long time visitor of your blog and I really appriciate your work.

  11. Very Good, Sexy Woman !!!

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