Aria Giovanni, Sexy Witch, 2006

The improbably-proportioned Aria Giovanni appeared on the cover of a Halloween Special of Bizarre (November 2006), and inside the same issue (no. 117) illustrating an article entitled “Killer Witches!”

The connection between the buxom and barely-clad Giovanni and the article by James Marrison is tenuous, to say the least. The photos even have their own introduction (by Denise Stanborough) and credits. Stanborough starts:

When it came to doing our Halloween photoshoot one special lady came straight to mind—our favourite raven-haired temptress, Aria Giovanni. ‘I was really excited about doing this,’ explains Aria, ‘It’s a step over to the dark side and it was a real blast!’ … And when it comes to the black arts, Aria would personally like to use witchcraft to exact revenge, ‘I would like to curse someone in particular, but I won’t say who,’ she cackles. ‘I’d inflict them with something really gross like facial warts that keep growing slowly and overtaking their face.’ Ladies and germs, grab your broomsticks … the witching hour just got sexy.

Although the connection between text and photos is somewhat tenuous, the cover does advertise Giovanni as a “Sexy Witch!” so I really couldn’t ignore it. But, when I discovered that Giovanni did a gloriously and unambiguously witchy photoshoot in 2008, I decided to feature this Bizarre material first. So this is a kind of introduction, but next week will be the real deal.

BTW: This is the second example of a Halloween-themed photoshoot in a British magazine or newspaper that I have posted on (my previous being Keeley Hazell, who appeared in The Sun 31 October 2008). This is a new and interesting development, because Halloween witches are non-existent in the UK before 2000.

Before 2000, there are illustration of literary witches (especially illustrations of Burns’s “Tam O’Shanter“) and illustrations of real witches (such as Maxine Sanders), but not images of witches associated with Halloween. In fact, I can only think of one example of a witch-image not either literary or real: a postcard of Welsh witches (here). The internet really has created a global village….

8 Responses to “Aria Giovanni, Sexy Witch, 2006”

  1. Amazing body!

  2. It really is interesting the cross-over the internet has created. These are fun, sexy pics. I’m looking forward to your post next week.

  3. John J Says:

    You can also check out Aria in a short film with Nathan Fillion on’s PGPorn. It’s one of 4 films by James Gunn on the site and you should watch them all.

  4. You really have to stop. It’s killing me. Outstanding!

  5. Very sexy pics. I also found some pics of Aria dressed as a witch, complete with conical hat. The ones I found, however, get a lot more, ahem, personal than these. I think I like these better. BB

  6. I keep trying to make something literarily significant out of the fact that the pentacle is between her breasts and the cross is over her nethers… Haven’t quite figured that out yet.

  7. Oh my. Well, we can see why I keep on lurking here.

  8. raju sharma Says:

    very beautiful&amazing sexy body

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