Keeley Hazell, Halloween Witch, 2008

After a series of posts on witches in the highly-romantic art of Luis Faléro, and in the delightful pastel shades of antique greeting cards, it is time for a little reminder of flesh and blood. So here is Keeley Hazell.

Hazell is, apparently, a “Page 3 Idol.” Her breathless bio on says that “The Bromley babe” stormed to victory in 2004 in the Page 3 Idol competition (shortly after her 18th birthday) “as voters went mad for her sensational 32F-24-36 curves.” I can’t imagine why.

Happily, on 31 October 2008 Hazell appeared in the guise of a witch in The Sun (and online on, which is all the justification I need to include her here. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “Keeley Hazell, Halloween Witch, 2008”

  1. wizard birchwand Says:

    she certainly bewitches me!

  2. And one has to wonder, if witches were illustrated like this during the middle ages, where would we be now?!

    Gorgeous, sexy and fun. Thanks for sharing!

  3. …I’m here for the artwork, but I’m not complaining…

  4. She certainly has magic powers! She lifted my stick with her magic! ;-)

  5. She’s sexy sexy sexy! I like her and your post, tnx!

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