Water Skiing Witches, 1954

This is my new-year’s holiday photo for you all: Hot Witches Water Skiing. (Once again I am indebted to an anonymous tip—left here—for this great picture.)

This photo appears in lots of different places online, in different sizes, with and without captions. It took a while to find out where the original image came from, but I am persistent and so I can tell you that this is image U1268129INP from the Bettmann Archive. The photo was taken on 27 October 1954 at Cypress Gardens, Florida, USA; the original caption given to this photo was:

In suitable witches raiment (and lovelier witches it would be hard to find), two sorcerers of Cypress Gardens switch from broomsticks to broomskiis (and this is not to say it is an invention of the Russians) to herald the dawn of Halloween.

You can buy copies of this picture here for £1.60.

4 Responses to “Water Skiing Witches, 1954”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Their brooms were in the shop ?

  2. I think I’ve seen it all now. :-) Cool pic. Happy New Year!

  3. the michigan scene Says:

    Im very glad i have found you SW!

  4. Wonder where these two witches are today 2010. Great pic.

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