Coven 3, 2005

Coven 3: A Gallery Girls Book was published by SQP Inc. in 2005. It follows Coven: Sisterhood of the Dark (1998) and Coven 2: A Gallery Girls Collection (2002) (see my posts here and here).

Pelaez cover

Each collection is better than the previous one, and so it was very difficult selecting images for today’s post (which is why I included so many!). My advice is order this collection immediately. It is only $10, so buy one for yourself for xmas! You’ve worked hard, you deserve it; the artists have worked hard too, so support them! You know you want to…

Ruben Meriggi, p.13
Anibal Maraschi, p.28
Gustavo DeSimone, p.29
Carlos Arguello, p.36
Pablo Kousovitis, p.39
John Bosco, p.40
Tomas Giorello, p.42
Pablo Kousovitis, p.48

7 Responses to “Coven 3, 2005”

  1. Rich-n-Fran Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! Your blog , and art collection are INCREDIBLE!!!!! My wife and i love it! Here is our addy We have a few images you may like and we would love to share them with you! Happy Yule!

  2. Wow! I’ve really enjoyed these. Those are some very sexy covers. I’d love to be in a coven with a sexy witch like those on the covers. :-)

  3. very creative :) do yo design it your self?

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  5. I love the one with the frog and the The spell book for the perfect prince!

    That’s a riot!!


  6. […] post here. The blog sexywitch identifies this as work by Carlos Arguello>. Sourced on tumblr to […]

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