Miss Kitty, Pin Up Witch, 2008

One of the regular visitors to this blog, the beautiful Miss Kitty, has been inspired by the images on this site to celebrate Halloween by doing a Brujita Sexy Pin Up – Sexy Pin Up Witch post on her own blog: a fantastic idea, which I encourage you all to do!

I asked Miss Kitty if there were any particular images that inspired her. Not surprisingly, she was specially motivated by Gil Elvgren’s Riding High (which—as I said one before—is the most famous of all pin-up witches, and the image against witch all other calendar and pulp-cover witches are measured). Miss Kitty also mentioned my posts on other pin-up artists such as Freeman Elliot, Bill Laynes, Ren Wicks and Vargas, and the 1951 photos of June Haver.

Raul Fernandez will be delighted to know that his Glinda was also mentioned by Miss Kitty, but I am particularly pleased she mentioned Coven: Sisterhood of the Dark because this offers the perfect segue-way into next weeks post. And on that mysterious note, I will leave you with only three more of the three dozen photos that the naughty Miss Kitty has published for our viewing pleasure. To see the rest: go on her site!

5 Responses to “Miss Kitty, Pin Up Witch, 2008”

  1. Gray Witch Says:

    Definitely sexy!

  2. very impressive photos.
    very nice

  3. Miss Kitty Says:

    Thanks for the post!!!, I really like your blog

  4. Anonymous Says:

    CatFight! Photography in Baltimore did a shoot based on a photo found on the site as well!

  5. Rochereau Says:

    How sexy you are ! sorry I’m french and my enlish is not excellent !

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