The 1900s

The following links are to all of my posts of sexy witches from the first decade of the nineteenth century (the nineteen-naughties). See the index pages for the 1910s, 1920s etc for the nineteenth-century as a whole.

  • Isoline, the Sensational, Musical Sorceress, ca. 1900
  • Jugendstil Witches, 1900
  • Magic Lantern Witch, 1900
  • Sexy Goth-Girl Witches! ca. 1900
  • Telegraph Witch, 1900
  • Champagne Witches, 1902
  • Meyer’s Witch of Endor, 1902
  • Swedish Easter Witches, 1902–50
  • Sapolio Witch in Colour, 1904
  • Celebrate Easter with a Man on a String! [ca. 1905]
  • Zahl’s Not So Little Witch, ca. 1905
  • Easter Witches Return, 1906–12
  • How you really ride a broom, 1907
  • Jolly Halloween Witch, 1907
  • Halloween Clown/Witch, 1908
  • Salem Witch Souvenir Plate, ca. 1908
  • Witches’ Sabbat in Paris, ca. 1910
  • More on la Sorcière Isoline, ca. 1910
  • 5 Responses to “The 1900s”

    1. Yes “please” send me some pictures of these “Sexy! witches.

    2. Pat Conolly Says:

      For this page, how about Willy Pogany’s 1908 illustration “The Young Witch”? You can see it on the Wikipedia page for Willy Pogany.

    3. Thanks Pat, I will when I can, but I can’t yet. See my full answer on my Feedback page. RW

    4. Beautiful blog – I’m having a ball exploring here!
      I think we have some math / history issues to work out, however. I believe that the 1890’s were the last decade of the 19th Century, which also might be defined as 1891-1900, inclusive. The 1900’s began 1 Jan 1900, but the Twentieth Century began 1 Jan 1901. I recently got some perspective on this enigma on my 49th birthday. Already dismayed at “turning” 49, I was reminded by my loving, ever supportive mother that I had just begun my 50th year. I poorly console myself knowing that I have not yet embarked on my second half-century.

    5. I seem to have made the wrong correction – my bad.
      IAC, the 1900’s were the 2oth Century ~
      (Feel free to delete both of these)

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