The 1960s

The following links are to all of my posts of sexy witches of the sixties.

  • Walk Softly, Witch, 1959–65
  • Vargas’ Trick or Treat, 1963
  • Ren Wicks’ Bathing Witch, 1964
  • Bill Layne’s pinup witch, 1966
  • Blonde on a Broomstick, 1966
  • Witch Girl’s Broom Zoom, 1966
  • Daughters of Astaroth, 1968
  • Anita, sexy sixties witch
  • Sexy Witches on Tandem Books
  • Carter Brown’s Sexy Witches
  • Also, on my Maxine Sanders Pages

  • Maxine Sanders
  • Maxine Sanders, January 1966
  • Maxine and Co., again, 1966
  • Maxine Sanders, Dawn Ritual, 1969
  • 6 Responses to “The 1960s”

    1. Determined Says:


      I was interested in your sources for Walk Softly Witch especially for the overseas titles. As you will see I am currently compiling a bibliography on all Australian pulp fiction and am finishing my book on Carter Brown( I have some further information on the confusion which will be posted at the above website. I also have other “witch” covers. Cheers

    2. I think I’m liking the 60s witch look most of all these days. Stunning stuff, keep up the good work!

    3. Hi,

      Love your site! Especially the 1970s stuff, it’s extraordinary! I wonder if you’ve seen this photo by George Harrison Marks? He did several sexy witch photos and films.



    4. redwitch1 Says:

      Thanks Anna; no I haven’t seen the photo, or the film. I will try and get a copy of both! Cheers, RW

    5. 10 minutes in i THINK i like your site

      however. not sure i’m negotiating it well…………….

    6. meisteryak Says:

      Check out the Pamela Green article called Hex Appeal. A bit of info on Pyewacket and Gerald Garner. Pamela Green was a famous model back in the day.

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