Since 2000

The following links are to all of my posts of sexy witches of the twenty-first century. (See also my Sexy Witch Costumes Index.)

  • Lopez & Barreiro’s Young Witches, 1993–2003
  • Hard Rock Cafe Sexy Witch Pins, part 2, 1999–2009
  • Owen Smith’s Witching Hour, 2000
  • Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 2000 & 2003
  • HRC Sexy Witch Pins, 2001 to now
  • Witchy Bookplate, 2001
  • Charm School Figurine, 2002
  • Coven 2, 2002
  • Sexy Witch Charm, 2002
  • The Witches of Hedwig Pauwels, 2003
  • Witchy Tarot, 2003
  • Frank Cho’s Sexy Witches, 2003 & 2007
  • Witchy Woman, 2003
  • Dallas FestEvil October 2004
  • Hex Appeal, 2004
  • Thessaly: Witch for Hire, 2004
  • Zille The Witch, 2004
  • jFury’s Witches, 2004 & 2005
  • Coven 3, 2005
  • Amandine Magic at Hegre-Art, 2006
  • Aria Giovanni, Sexy Witch, 2006
  • Dita, Burlesque Witch, 2006
  • Fiona Horne in Black+White (again), 2006
  • Fiona Horne in Celebrity Survivor, 2006
  • Halloween E-Cards, 2006
  • Muse as The White Witch, 2006
  • Raven Riley, 2006
  • Bewitching Brooke, 2007
  • Keith Dotson Witches, 2007
  • More DeviantArt, 2007
  • Nude Witches of Sydney! 2007
  • Sadie’s Halloween Striptease, 2007
  • Serafina, Sexy Witch Queen
  • Bewitching Aria Giovanni, 2008
  • Bewitching Emily Brady, 2008
  • DeviantArt, Drawings of Witches, 2008
  • DeviantArt, More Drawings, 2008
  • DeviantArt, Photos of Witches, 2008
  • DeviantArt, Stock Witches, 2008
  • DeviantArt, More Colour Art, 2008
  • DeviantART, A Mix From 2008
  • Fire Child by Maxine Sanders, 2008
  • Igor Gaidai’s Saman Series, 2008
  • Keeley Hazell, Halloween Witch, 2008
  • Not a Disney Witch, 2008
  • Playing Games with Gwen, 2008
  • Witchy Fashions, 2008
  • Miss Kitty, Pin Up Witch, 2008
  • Ember Reigns, Naughty Witch, 2009
  • Ember Reigns Returns! (Already.)
  • Jana Mrhacova, Sexy Witch, 2009
  • Natalie Sparks, Sexy Witch, 2009
  • 18 Responses to “Since 2000”

    1. Gloomilyeuphoric Says:

      Wow, I just looked over everything here in your entire site. It’s amazing. Thank you for giving us who have every narrow and unique interests a place to go and be blown away.

      After seeing everything here I think I might know of some other additions you’ll maybe want to make.

      Alexander McQueen’s tribute to Elizabeth Howe Salem, 1692 Fashion Designer who apparently shares a bloodline with a victim of The Salem Witch Trials. Pungent atmosphere and symbolism.

      Ladytron, Velocifero An electro-music foursome, image and songs from new album Velocifero are inspired by witchcraft and magic (with song titles like Black Cat, Ghosts, Predict the Day, etc…).

    2. wizardluxas Says:

      perhaps you may take a look at 1 of the books i have about ..the real witches world… as told by a secret coven head…

    3. Katybug Says:

      I love what I’ve seen so far. I was looking for witch pictures and I found ’em here. Thanks.

    4. I’m actually surprised there’s not any Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose pics up here!

    5. Don’t be surprised. Send money and I’ll buy them! They cost a fortune, and what can I do, buy only one? There are scores of them, multiple issues of each and they ain’t getting any cheaper. I have bid on about half a dozen larger lots, and the last descent lot that came up, nobody bid on them, but the seller still wouldn’t post to Australia. Grr. But I will get them eventually. Really, You just have to keep coming back until then! RW

    6. Here are some illustrations we created for our witch themed website.

    7. Bug Stomper Says:


    8. Have you seen Penny Dreadful?

    9. Nothing new since 2009? Sad day… :(

    10. Greenbomb101 Says:

      Hard Rock Cafe Sexy Witch Pins, part 2, 1999–2009
      Lopez & Barreiro’s Young Witches, 1993–2003

      your links are reversed.

      Great stuff btw.

    11. I love sexy women. I wish I could meet one witch for a night.someone who could rock my world.

    12. I wanted to thank you for this good read!! I absolutely loved every little bit of it.

      I have got you book marked to check out new stuff you post…

    13. Great stuff, like it

    14. Great site. Too bad there aren’t that many witches like this offline.

    15. you can contact me anytime you want I I’m into the Wiccan religion

    16. Who knows what Halloween originally intended. At Christmas time we have Santa Claus. Most people know there’s no Santa but a great number of the little little people believe. A part of my opinion contrasts and compares the characters and I do believe that anyone can compare and contrast the two images to learn more and more. I feel it’s something to do and I don’t believe to do that is a sin and a wrong. Well, Merry Christmas and a happy Halloween.

    17. In fact, the idea of witches riding the broom comes from them actually “riding” the broom – as in the sexual way.

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