Napkin Witch, ca. 1940

One of the many weird and wonderful (and collectible) vintage Halloween objects that I have found with sexy witch decorations, is old paper napkins or serviettes. In Halloween collectors’ Guides these “Party Paper Products” are usually listed along with paper table covers, crepe paper hats, paper plates, candy cups, paper place cards, wall hangings and so on. Stuart Schneider has illustrations of individual serviettes from the 1920s and Party Sets (four napkins and a table cover) from the 1930s, but printed crepe paper wall hangings made by Dennison survive from as early as 1912. (Schneider, Halloween in America (1995), 75ff).

This napkin probably dates from about 1940. There are two different sexy witches in this design, which are repeated on the two other corners. It doesn’t appear in any of the books I have on Halloween Collectibles, but the designs on napkins are pretty crude compared to other items of Halloweeniana so it is not surprising they get overlooked. This example is very cute, though, and deserves a place at our table.

One Response to “Napkin Witch, ca. 1940”

  1. Just wanted to say a big thank you for this wonderful blog- it’s easily one of the best resources of witchy imagery I’ve found :)

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