DeviantArt, More Colour Art

Here is my pick of the witches in colour art from DeviantArt. As I said in my previous post, I have chosen only images that are not watermarked and are feely available to download, and in all cases I have cut the images down to 400 pixels. If you follow my links to the images, you will find larger versions of the pictures, and if you follow the links to the artist you will see that some are selling decent prints of these images (buy them!), and other great artwork. The artists, titles, and gallery links etc for to the following ten works are below.

1. Scott Blair: Witch
2. Kevin T. Chin: Witchy Yummy
3. Dominic Marco: Halloween
4. Nabbit: Witch and Nabbit
5. Elton Portilho: Carlucci’s Witchie Boo*
6. Evilfaye: The Ambrosia Witch
7. wingzero620: Happy Halloween
8. Kittie Peters: Love Always
9. Gustavo Verdezoto: Dark Uriko sexy Witch (line art here)
10. Liesl Teicher: Cute Witch (original by Russ Platt here)

See more Witchy Boo: “Witchy Boo” is the creation of Pat Carlucci (home page, DeviantArt gallery; Halloween Witch, Witchie Boo’s New Hat, Broom Trouble); look here for other artists using the Witchy Boo character.

3 Responses to “DeviantArt, More Colour Art”

  1. Rapunzel Says:

    These are awesome! thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I have a few more from some Japanese art sites:
    That one is stunning- you may have to make a user account.

    My e-mail is if you want some more- I have lots of favorites tagged but I’m not quite sure how to pass them on.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    May I suggest halloween witches at

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