DeviantArt, More Drawings

Here are the sketches I liked from my recent trawl through DeviantArt for witchy images. And please note: I have chosen only images that are not watermarked and are freely available to Download, and in all cases I have cut the images down to 400 pixels. If you follow my links to the images, you will find larger versions of the pictures, and if you follow the links to the artist you will see that some are selling decent prints of these images (buy them!), and other great artwork.

First up are two fabulous pictures by Russ Platt, who studied art at San Jose State University. His DeviantArt gallery is here, and his website is here. These two amazing pieces are The Night Flier and The Witches.

The artists, titles, and gallery links etc for to the following five works are below

1. Steve Mannion: Witchie Witch
2. Joey: Kandi Korn (Brummelbaer‘s coloured version here)
3. Featherstroke: Wicked Witch
4. M. Xander: Blq Witch
5. Elspeth Dark: Draco’s Slave

One Response to “DeviantArt, More Drawings”

  1. OMG thank the goddess it’s so nice to see a witch with a little more curve appeal. Being a plus sized witch I appreciate this beyond belief.

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