DeviantArt, Drawings of Witches

It has been over a year since I posted my favourite witchy artwork from the thousands of images on DeviantArt. I said at the time that I would do a separate post of “photos, drawings and anime.” I put this off because every time I looked at the site again, there were more witches! I spent hours and hours searching, in many different ways, finding more and more images; and every time I did this I was left wondering if the “top ten” I had previously selected for this blog was still my top ten! I realise now that there is no end to this searching and finding and that if I don’t star posting the images I have already I’ll never get around to doing it.

So, here today are five sketches I gathered last year. Later on I will post the anime-style digital art. And then next week I will do another set of posts on the digital images, and then on the images I have found on DeviantArt since last year. Rather than string out all these posts over a whole month, I will do a few posts each week for the next few weeks.

I hope you enjoy the selection!

UPDATE 15 JUNE 08 (for Gwinevere): The artists, titles, and gallery links etc for these five works are as follows:

1. Candace: Witch
2. Julia I M Clark: Halloween Girl
3. Kyle Hutchings: Halloween Witch
4. Featherstroke: Witch and Co.
5. FatBottomedGirl: Witchy Woman

One Response to “DeviantArt, Drawings of Witches”

  1. Ghostrider Says:

    Nice wicca work!

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