Walpurgisnacht, 1928

The Hexenritt is over for another year, and the sun shines one again on the Hexentanzplatz. To help keep your memories fresh until 30 April next year, I have scanned this postcard from 1928. Although it is a mixed card, containing young and old, witches, cats and goats, it is pretty cute, and so I hope you all like it. And, keep in mind Goethe’s lines “O’er stick and o’er stone they go whirling along, / Witches and he-goats, a motley throng,” or, kittydiggins said, “Happy Walpurgas Night to all the sexy witches, and to their Grandmothers”!

Here is our sexy witch:

And her friends:

Don’t forget to have another look at my many previous posts on the Walpurgis Night celebrations: Germany’s Walpurgisnacht Witches, Welti’s Walpurgisnacht, The Witches’ Ride, Brocken Money, More Brocken Money and Walpurgisnacht, 1928.

2 Responses to “Walpurgisnacht, 1928”

  1. Livia Indica Says:

    You’ve got a really neat blog here and I’d love to add you to my blogroll but I just can’t; your blog takes FOREVER to load. You REALLY need to cut down on your posts per page.

  2. Red Witch Says:

    Actually Livia, I think the real problem is the number of images I use per post (usually three, sometimes a dozen or more). A faster image host would speed things up too, but I am yet to find a faster host who will allow me to post the NSFW images.

    Nevertheless, I have changed my settings from “7 days” (archived monthly) to “4 posts” (ditto). Since I only do one post a week, I’d thought that a monthly archive guaranteed only four posts on the front page, but it seems I was wrong and changing this has shortened the front page.

    I hope you find it an improvement.


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