Maxine Sanders, Dawn Ritual, 1969

I used the colour photos from the following sequence in my Sexy Witch Video No.2. A particularly astute YouTube viewer asked to see more of them, and here they are!

The ritual that is the subject of this shoot obviously took place in winter, “on one of the high and private ridges of the Yorkshire Moors” (as a 1971 article tells us). On 16 February 1969 one picture from this sequence was printed in News of the World and I think it is likely that the ritual occurred shortly before that date.

Although the sixteen pictures below are taken from eight different publications (listed at the end of this post), and were reprinted in many more, few details about the event have emerged. Consequently, the pictures will have to tell their own story!

Man, Myth and Magic, No.3 (1970). p. 74; Man, Myth and Magic, No.11 (1970), front cover; Man, Myth and Magic (1970-71), pp. 1868b, 1870; Dennis Wheatley, The Devil and All His Works (1971; repr. London: Peerage Books, 1983), p. 233; Witchcraft 1.10 (January 1973), pp.36–37; Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology (London: Octopus, 1974), pp. 8–9, 104–5, 109; Encyclopedia of Magic and Superstition (London: Octopus, 1974), pp. 10, 19; Peter Haining, The Illustrated History of Witchcraft (London: New English Library, 1975), p. 15; Francis X. King, Magic: The Western Tradition (London: Thames and Hudson, 1975), plate 39; Susan Greenwood, Encyclopedia of Magic and Witchcraft (London: Lorenz Books, 2001), p. 202.

5 Responses to “Maxine Sanders, Dawn Ritual, 1969”

  1. I want that sword…:(

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  3. Kimberly Rogers (Starwitch) Says:

    I’ve always been intrigued by Alex and Maxine Sanders’ form of Wicca/Witchcraft. These photos are so gothic and mystical and beautiful. I , too, practice a form of witchcraft part Gardninarian
    and Alexandrian. It’s freedom, liberty, sexual erotic, and spiritual
    form of practice. I love Alex & Maxine. They are me, and I am them.
    Blessed Be The Craft and all
    witches like myself….Kimberly (Starwitch)

  4. Kimberly Rogers (Starwitch) Says:

    yes I would like to receive future e-mails concerning this post.
    Comments are welcome too! I love this site and being a witch
    I would to here news and comments from whom it may concern or friendships.
    Love, Kimberly (Starwitch)

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    Maxine Sanders, Dawn Ritual, 1969 | Sexy Witch

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