Serafina, Sexy Witch Queen

Serafina Pekkala is a witch queen in Philip Pullman‘s His Dark Materials trilogy (1995–2000). Her dæmon is Kaisa, a large grey goose. Serafina/Kaisa is over three hundred years old, but since her clan’s oldest witch is nearly a thousand, Serafina/Kaisa appears young and beautiful to Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry—the heroes of the story—and Farder Coram, with whom she once had a child. Consequently, Serafina qualifies as a sexy witch. This is how Pulman describes her:

She was young—younger than Mrs. Coulter; and fair, with bright green eyes; and clad like all the witches in strips of black silk, but wearing no furs, no hood or mittens. She seemed to feel no cold at all. Around her brow was a simple chain of little red flowers. She sat on a cloud-pine branch as if it were a steed, and seemed to rein it in a yard from Lyra’s wondering gaze … Lyra could see why Farder Corham loved her, and why it was breaking his heart … He was growing old; he was an old broken man; and she would be young for generations. (pp. 302-3)

In The Golden Compass (2007), the movie adaptation of the first book of the His Dark Materials trilogy, the part of Serafina is played by Eva Green. Green is astonishingly beautiful, so even if Serafina was supposed to be a hag in the books, I’d have to feature her here. (That and the fact that, as Persephone has pointed out, the 1899 Sapolio Witch looks a lot like Green as Serafina. Thanks Persephone).

So, here are four movie posters featuring the delightful and delicious Green as Serafina:

And here are two stills:

Those of you who look at the imdb entry on Green will see that this 27 year-old actress only appeared in four films before the The Golden Compass. These are: The Dreamers (2003), Arsène Lupin (2004), The Kingdom of Heaven (2005) and Casino Royale (2006). In the first of these she regularly appeared in the buff, does a mesmerising striptease, engages in on-screen sex etc, so anyone wishing to conjure up a mental image of a naked Green (as Serafina) need only examine the 80+ stills here, the five stills and short video clip here, or simply buy the R-Rated edition of The Dreamers DVD here.

As a tiny taste of what is in store for you if you do check out the above links, here are two tasteful screen-caps from The Dreamers:

2 Responses to “Serafina, Sexy Witch Queen”

  1. I really liked this character in the movie even if she had very little to do. Her costume is teriffic she looks like the Goddess Diana, so beautiful!

  2. I think part Artemis and part Diana…easy to see how one could be…bewitched.

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