Your Sexy Witch Photos

Curiously, Wiccaphilia seems to be a lot less common than Wiccaphobia. At least, if you Google the two terms the ratio is 3:18,500 (or about 1:6000). But I am sceptical: everyone loves witches, don’t they?

(BTW: you can Overcome Wiccaphobia: ‘Sick of Wiccaphobia?’ Well, there is ‘Treatment and Hope for Wiccaphobia’, indeed, with ‘One of the best solutions for anyone with Wiccaphobia’ is now available and you can ‘Start within 2 minutes (yes, from now)’. Astonishing, isn’t it?).

So, what is Wiccaphilia? Sensual Swingers list it on their paraphilia pages as ‘Sexual arousal by witchcraft and witches’, while Ordinaryman included it on his/her topsy-turvy list as ‘Abnormal affection towards witches and witchcraft’.

I think we can do better than this. Although the Oxford English Dictionary does not define Wiccaphilia (or Wiccaphobia for that matter), it does list the suffix -philia, comb. form as both ‘a. Tendency to’ or ‘b. Love of or liking for, esp. sexual interest in’. In this case, the (a) ‘obsession with’ and (b) ‘love-object of’ the Wiccaphiliac is witches or Wiccans.

Someone suffering from mild Wiccaphilia might, for example, take particular pleasure in accidently finding pictures or descriptions of witches or Wiccans on the internet.

Someone with moderate Wiccaphilia might search the web for images witches and take particular pleasure in locating a blog dealing with Sexy Witches.

Severe Wiccaphilia might result in the victim spending a small fortune on books and objects featuring witches and then shamelessly parade their affliction by starting a blog about Sexy Witches. Sad, but true.

Now that we have that sorted out, I would like to draw your attention to some feedback I received last Halloween. Anonymous said…

Fantastic site! For years I have had a real fetish for witches – I believe its called wiccaphillia – or something like that! My wife indulges my interest and she has sixteen sexy witch outfits! great site!

This is the sort of feedback that raises the spirits of a Wiccaphiliac. If it had not been anonymous I would have replied and suggested to the happy man that his wife should send me at least sixteen pictures of herself, dressed in her various costumes.

Instead, I am posting his feedback here with an open invitation to all sexy witches: send in photos of yourself in your favourite sexy witch outfit to share with the world (send to RedWitch1 at The images need to be a large, clear and equal parts ‘sexy’ and ‘witchy’. Whenever I get a sufficient number, I will post them here for all the world to see (with whatever explanation/defence of your fetish you care to add). Don’t keep everyone waiting now.

[*some people spell it Wiccaphillia, others use Wicaphilia, and some Wiccafilia, Wiciphilia, Wiciphillia or even Wicifilia!]

UPDATE 31 MAY 08: Only one brave individual responded to my call for photos and that was from the woman with “sixteen sexy witch outfits” mentioned above. Below are two of the best, or at leasts, the most modest, of the photos the happy couple sent in. I hope others will be inspired to follow suit.

UPDATE 14 JUNE 08: The gorgeous Willow Moonbeam has sent me the following photo of herself, taken in one of her favorite dresses. I am sure you will all agree that it looks great on her, or that she looks great in it … one or the other! Thanks Willow.

UPDATE 19 JULY 08 A couple of weeks ago Marti sent me two delightful pictures which she has kindly agreed to let me post here. Thanks Marti, they are “magical pics” indeed!

UPDATE 9 January 09 A couple of weeks ago Witch Fran very kindly sent me a few pictures of herself in a great witchy costume to post here. I liked this one best. Thanks Fran.

13 Responses to “Your Sexy Witch Photos”

  1. Hexed Gug Says:

    16 witchy outfits sounds like money well spent

  2. Hexed Gug Says:

    After posting the previous comment, I wonder if the unknown poster was the person who posted pictures @ a yahoo group, the witchy wife zapping husband -photo enhanced to show rays coming out of her eyes-weakening the husband…if I locate them, I’ll send them along.

    (keep giving the witchy blogs!)


  3. Amélie Rotten Says:

    let’s go out tonight and be the witchiest bitch :)
    love it

  4. The red-headed lass is stunning!

    But then my late wife was a red-haired wiccan so I suppose I’m biased.

  5. Witch Lover Says:

    I’d love to see the additional photos of the woman with the sixteen witch costumes.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Im the lucky guy whos wife has the costumes – mail me at and I will send you all the pix you like – add me to Windows Messenger.

  7. WITCH 101 Says:

    The above satanist symbol on the panties doesn’t represent witches at all. I personally am offended since I am a witch. Satan has nothing to do with being a witch. Witches don’t even acknowledge Satan. We believe in Karma and harming NONE.

  8. Hub of woman in Satanic panties Says:

    @WITCH 101 – I know a good therapist who may be able to help you.


    I think that a cute sexy women at any age. If she is a cute and very very sexy sexy witch that she should be ashame to show her sexy sexy witch body if a guy is lucky enough to have her they should spoil her just as spoild rotten as she can get and freely let her be a witch and freely let her use her witch craft and never never never stop spoiling her rotten and never never never stop loveing her because she is a cute sexy sexy witch and always let her know that he loves her because she is a cute sexys spoil rotten with each and evey day.

  10. hansel77 Says:

    Good Lord! So there are actually other folk who find witches enticing! Wohoo! Women dressed as witches are so alluring… even more so that I have now discovered that my fetish has a name and thus don’t feel so odd about it :)

  11. Good to see my sister Wiccans/Pagans letting it all show!Bless the Fishnets!;)

  12. Please can you reupload the pictures ?

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