Witch Girl’s Broom Zoom, 1966

Just in case you think that there is anything new under the sun, here is a 1966 version of my recent posts on witchy striptease galleries online. The following photos appeared in the January 1966 issue of Pagan, A Parliament Magazine (vol. 3 No.3) under the title ‘Witch Girl’s Broom Zoom’. The only text to accompany these images is on the back cover (below). It reads:

Follow this broom-zooming witch … she’s the sorceress who’ll be your stewardess on our enchanting flight over PAGAN’s jungle of pictorial loveliness. You’ll soar to the heights of delight as the fascinating panorama of pulchritude unfolds before your fortunate orbs. The primitive package also offers a man-pleasing selection of fiction, fact and rollicking good humour. There’s a solid measure of pleasure on every pulsating page of PAGAN!

So, now we know that copy-writers for Pagan magazine will be keeping all the real estate agents company in the seventh circle of hell.

5 Responses to “Witch Girl’s Broom Zoom, 1966”

  1. Gray Witch Says:

    Those stockings are stunners!

  2. These photos are great! They have that really raunchy feeling that old adult magazines have and she’s so pretty and lively!

    Cool pictures!

  3. Stunning. I like the stockings too. I’ve lurked on this site for a while, now loving all the updates, but this post makes me love the site even more. Thanks!

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