Zille The Witch, 2004

This sexy Halloween photo shoot of “Zille The Witch” has been online, on the delightfully-named The Joy of Spex since October 2004. Sixteen of the forty-four photos are available here, I have only reproduced six of these below. The rest are rather too raunchy for blogger (and NSFW).

NB: Zille has in her hand the late Anton LaVey‘s infamous (somewhat dated, but often amusing) Satanic Witch (aka The Compleat Witch: Or, What To Do When Virtue Fails (1971)). She also has “666” tattooed to her nether-regions, which suggests that she has read the book, and decided that the shortest route to the “manipulation and seduction of men” is to present herself as a Satanic “kinky-gal.” Everyone needs a hobby I guess.

7 Responses to “Zille The Witch, 2004”

  1. Gray Witch Says:

    She’s kind of cute (interesting 666 tat) but I don’t have much use for the book. Some good scams there, but nothing more.

  2. I love the latest posts.. Now we are talking Witches!

  3. I love the 666 tattoo! So sweet!

  4. you are fantastik woman

  5. Zille Defeu Says:

    Thank you all who liked the tattoo!

    It wasn’t much due to LaVey that I ended up with “666” on my body, although of course I owned the book, and I do like how LaVey is brutally honest about stuff (but I was always more of an Aleister Crowley sort of girl myself!).

    I was casting about for what to do for my first tattoo, when I saw a Coop drawing of his infamous “devil girl” with the same three genital peircings as I had, and she had three pubic curls on her mons, and I realized with delight that they were not just sylized curls, but also “666” (what else would a devil girl wear?)

    It reminded me how, during witchcraft trials, women would be shaved all over, looking for “the devil’s mark.” “Well,” I thought to myself, “I’ll make it easy for them, since I already shave!” and thus it all came about.

    It was a great “starter tattoo,” because it was small, and on a padded area (going over bone is the worst of any tattoo). And, of course, it is a great talking point, as I have discovered ever since!

  6. Red Witch Says:

    Zille, I am so glad to dropped by this site. I presume this is the Coop image you mean


    Funnily enough, I considered getting the same tattoo at one stage, but my inspiration was Damien from the Omen movies, so I wanted it on my head! I much prefer your/Coop’s version though.


  7. So sexy, i love the 666.

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